lace up shoes for fall

It's silly and pointless to divide us females into those who love shoes and those who love bags buuuuuut if such a meaningless division did exist, I would be #teamshoes all the way.

And I'm going to use that opening as a justification of the fact that I bought three pairs of shoes from Zara within the past week. Also in my defense, it all started out with my wanting to buy a pair of lace up flats for my birthday but then I got some shopping FOMO and now here I am. On the bright side since I'm trying to be a more conscious consumer, I'm forcing myself to only keep one pair.

The question is which pair is the keeper?

First up are the direct copy cats of the Aquazzura Christy flats aka the flats that can be credited for starting this summer/ fall's lace up flat bonanza. Since they're made out of real leather, I would consider their $70 price point a pretty good bargain. On the downside, the leather isn't of the highest quality making the shoes a bit stiff. The laces are also really short so you can't wrap them around your ankles more than once or twice. If comparing them to the Aquazzura pair, they're missing the gold hardware on the ends of the laces and on the heels.

You can buy them/ find them at a store near you here.

Then are the pair inspired by the less popular but equally stylish Isabel Marant Leo flats. While they're also made of real leather, they ring up at around 100 bucks. Similar to the last pair, the leather isn't of the highest quality and the shoe tends to wrinkle when walking. The holes lining the sides of the flats allow you to customize your lacing, which is a plus. In addition, the laces are nice and long so you can wrap them around your ankles or up your calves if you wish.

They're not available online but if you're interested, leave a comment below and I'll give you the reference # so you can locate them at a store near you :)

Last but certainly not least is the oddball of the group. While they do feature the lace up front, unlike the other two these have a round toe and block heel and are made of faux suede. The best way to describe them would be the closed toed sisters to these other Zara heels from their last spring collection (which I ended up buying in this post but ultimately returning.)

You can buy them online/ locate them at a store here.

So what do you think? Which one of these three are the keepers?
(Seriously. I'm little miss indecision.)

P.s if you didn't see in my last post:

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