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If you live in the tri-state area chances are you've also been stuck in the burning pits of hell dealing with this pain-in-the-butt heat wave that's been plaguing us for the past week. Once the temperature jumps above 85, I just want to bounce. What can I say, I've been spoiled by the temperate climate of Southern California. 95 degrees, 60% humidity, trying to walk the crowded streets of midtown Manhattan-- this is what dreams are made of.

The point of that mini rant is that when it's just that hot and you haven't shaved your legs in a week-- a floaty, white, maxi dress is your savior.

I've also just realized this is my second post in a row complaining about the weather. Sorry but clearly not enough to stop me from publishing this post.

P.s if you're looking at this dress and thinking, "girl, you need to get this hemmed like yesterday," don't worry, I know.

dress: urban outfitters, belt: j. crew, sunglasses: ray-bans (with prescription lenses)

Photo creds to my cousin // Editing by me

Which brings me to my next point...
If you're a fellow blogger in the NYC area and you want to collaborate, please shoot me an email: sharmilirakhit at gmail dot com.
My blog grew from my love of photography but I think it's time I let go of the reigns a bit. I'd love to blog more frequently but taking all my own outfit photos is a time killer. While I'm forever grateful to friends + family who occasionally help out, I end up feeling like a nag. Plus only another blogger can understand how finicky we can be while taking proper outfit photos!

So if you're in Manhattan during the week and want to work together, email me! Doesn't matter if you're an inexperienced photographer or not, we can make it work :)

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