UO Fall '15 Lookbook: Short Cuts

While a huge chunk of the blogosphere is all "holy shit, it's basically fall," I'm thinking, "holy shit, it's still over 80 degrees." I don't care that the first day of September is tomorrow, I'm wearing summer clothes until the temperatures drop because I'm not very fond of sweating my face off.

That said, I'm still guilty of participating in the autumn anticipation brouhaha. I'm admiring the clothes from afar, mentally cataloguing what's going onto my shopping wish list. Perhaps if I'm feeling particularly antsy I'll purchase a pair of shoes or a long sleeved top and incorporate it into my warmer weather wardrobe.

To go on a mini side rant, I get a bit put off when bloggers begin heavily featuring fall pieces beginning early August. There's a stark difference between "oh here are some pieces I styled for the upcoming season," (which is reasonable) and "I totally wore this outfit today featuring a vest, sweater, and leather boots while it was 88 degrees outside" (which is the opposite of reasonable.) I understand blogging is an industry and there's a pressure to remain at the forefront of trends, but in my opinion these bloggers are doing a disservice to their readers by pushing these products. It comes off as greedy. Plus, one of the pinnacles of being fashionable/ stylish/ whatever is being able to dress appropriately for the setting. Fashion week is coming up and don't we just know we will be seeing some bloggers traipsing around Manhattan, decked out in knits and furs despite the heat and humidity?

Anywaysss, back to the main point of this post: one of my latest sources of inspiration for fall is this Urban Outfitters lookbook, titled Short Cuts. The lookbook highlights my newfound, ideal fall palette: deep reds and olive greens mixed in with some greys and black. Because no palette is complete without black.

In order of appearance: OBEY maroon suede jacket, glamorous striped midi skirt, lucca couture windowpane skirtsilence + noise d-ring midi skirt, corduroy baseball hatsilence + noise moto jacketsilence + noise pleated midi skirtJ.O.A. jumpsuitc/meo collective top + skirtkimchi blue midi skirtcooperative striped sweater

Green Villain Buff Monster

After working up such a frenzy to get my hands on the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers coupled with waiting months on end for them to be in stock, you would think I would wear them more after finally receiving them. To be honest, I think 50% of my longing for them was due to the whole wanting what you can't have ordeal. It's pretty stupid but I have numerous pieces in my closet which I bought partly because I thought they were sold out/ out of stock/ discontinued etc.

Thankfully the other 50% of my longing can be attributed to my genuine liking of the shoes. I've been making an active effort to wear them more and 9 times out of 10, it's with a dress. No matter how many times the dress plus sneakers combo has been done, it never seems to get old.

P.s you may have noticed my new layout... I'm still working out a few kinks in it, but there will be a post dedicated to the upgrade within the next week :)

Zara striped dress, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (also available at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, J. Crew, and Finish Line), Ray-Ban Wayfarers XL (also available at Shopbop)

zara striped dress, adidas stan smith sneakers, dress with sneakers, outfit, street style
adidas stan smith sneakers, zara striped mini dress, murals of new york
green villain buff monster mural, bowery, new york city, rag and bone

First two photos taken by Sampada

Edits by yours truly

90° twist

Let's talk about high low skirts.

The year was 2011. To quote Dickens, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. We had to suffer through Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage, but we were also rewarded with the premier of Game of Thrones. It was also the year that I happened to buy a shit ton of high low skirts. Like Kim's marriage, that didn't last long as I quickly saw through the "omg it's so trendy" fog and realized how unflattering they were on me.

I would like to say that I hopped over to Goodwill right there and then to donate the skirts, but sadly that was not the case as I am a clothes hoarder of the worst kind. If left to my own devices I could probably turn a small house into a closet of clothes I will never wear. It wasn't until I was moving out of my college apartment this past June when I finally said goodbye to the mullet skirt gang, well all except for one. I just couldn't part with this forever 21 jersey waterfall skirt-- it was too soft and comfy and had magical food baby hiding abilities (always a plus.)

But with a little twist so the shortest part is on the side instead of the center of my hips updates things. Ooooor maybe I just look like I was drunk and sloppily pulled it on.

I'm gonna stick to option one. It's a fresh perspective on an old skirt. #shoppingmycloset

black crop top by forever 21, skirt by forever 21, sandals by forever 21 (similar erlina sandals by schutz, lace up sandals by topshop, lace up sandals by asos), bandana by urban outfitters

how to style a high low skirt, forever 21 gladiators, forever 21 high low skirt, urban outfitters bandana
forever 21 gladiator sandals, forever 21 high low skirt, forever 21 mullet skirtbandana outfit fall 2015, urban outfitters bandana

Sunday fiver

Silky square scarves

I've been pretty obsessed with neckerchiefs and handkerchiefs and any sort of -chief you can tie around your neck for the past year or so. The other week I happened across Stella Dallas, a cutesy vintage store in Greenwich Village, and I met the newest part of my obsession: silky square scarves. They had such a beautiful collection of vintage, designer, silk scarves from Dior to Hermes to Versace. But even though the prices were much more reasonable than if I bought such a scarf from a department store, it was still too pricey for me. Enter *cue drumroll, please* the high street. Both Urban Outfitters and Free People have their own iterations of the scarf, except of course they're silky, not actual silk. And at this point in my life I'm okay with that cause the price is a lot easier to swallow.

I'm particularly taken the first one and did a little happy dance when I saw it was in stock nearby. Like a lot of the blogosphere, I've been all about that 70s trend this year and I think this scarf ties perfectly into the whole 70s aesthetic.

from left to right: silky urban outfitters scarf, silky blue free people scarf, white silky urban outfitters scarf

urban outfitters silky scarves, free people silky scarf, square scarves fall 2015, fall 2015 trends

Glamour's Fall Trends feat. Maddie Ziegler

Even though I danced from the age of 3 up until I entered high school, I still find the premise of Dance Moms strange and barbaric. The idea of being entertained by watching children be pitted against each other is unsettling. That said, I've been swept up and into the Maddie Ziegler fan club. She recently collaborated with Glamour on a video in which she's dancing around a studio, showcasing next season's trends. Even though it's too hot for me to begin thinking about fall clothes without getting a heat stroke, I still enjoyed the video.

Etsy blogger templates

Until recently I had no idea that there were so many affordable layouts out there! I thought anybody with a fancy layout dished out the big bucks (that are definitely well spent-- but unrealistic to us plebeian bloggers) to a team of designers who came in like fairy godparents and gave their blogs a makeover.

Now Etsy shop-owners can be your very own godparents. I was going to list some of my favorite ones but I couldn't narrow it down. You can click here to view the endless amount of responsive layouts (aka layouts that will conform to the device the viewer is using to access the blog be it desktop, tablet, or phone.)

Coco Chic Blog's Blog Tips Series

About 75% of the time when I come across "blog tips" from a beauty/ travel/ food blogger, it's usually just a click-bait headline followed by obvious and unhelpful information. Better photography will get you more views?! Who knew!

Steph from Coco Chic Blog actually delivers content that's helpful. I'm still working my way through her posts since I just discovered the series on Friday. So far her post on Google Analytics as well as one on the laws surrounding blogging were my two favorite reads.

Fashion Mugging

Some of the blogs I follow get lost and forgotten in my bloglovin' feed and it's a real shame. The upside is when I rediscover these blogs I've got a new treasure trove of inspiration. It's a feeling akin to finding 20 bucks in my pockets. One of said blogs is Fashion Mugging. Her look is very polished and professional-- what's not to like?

I'm in love with the blouse she's wearing in her most recent post (pictured below) and I'm looking forward to finding a non off the shoulder version for fall.

fashion mugging off the shoulder outfit, cheap monday jeans, shein off the shoulder blouse

Aaaaaand totally unrelated but does anyone else hate how when you follow a blog on bloglovin', you automatically follow the blog author as well? I have absolutely no interest in following people (no offense) because all the good stuff is on their blogs.

If you're still with me here at the end of this post, I hope you have a good start to your week :)

lace up shoes for fall

It's silly and pointless to divide us females into those who love shoes and those who love bags buuuuuut if such a meaningless division did exist, I would be #teamshoes all the way.

And I'm going to use that opening as a justification of the fact that I bought three pairs of shoes from Zara within the past week. Also in my defense, it all started out with my wanting to buy a pair of lace up flats for my birthday but then I got some shopping FOMO and now here I am. On the bright side since I'm trying to be a more conscious consumer, I'm forcing myself to only keep one pair.

The question is which pair is the keeper?

First up are the direct copy cats of the Aquazzura Christy flats aka the flats that can be credited for starting this summer/ fall's lace up flat bonanza. Since they're made out of real leather, I would consider their $70 price point a pretty good bargain. On the downside, the leather isn't of the highest quality making the shoes a bit stiff. The laces are also really short so you can't wrap them around your ankles more than once or twice. If comparing them to the Aquazzura pair, they're missing the gold hardware on the ends of the laces and on the heels.

You can buy them/ find them at a store near you here.

Then are the pair inspired by the less popular but equally stylish Isabel Marant Leo flats. While they're also made of real leather, they ring up at around 100 bucks. Similar to the last pair, the leather isn't of the highest quality and the shoe tends to wrinkle when walking. The holes lining the sides of the flats allow you to customize your lacing, which is a plus. In addition, the laces are nice and long so you can wrap them around your ankles or up your calves if you wish.

They're not available online but if you're interested, leave a comment below and I'll give you the reference # so you can locate them at a store near you :)

Last but certainly not least is the oddball of the group. While they do feature the lace up front, unlike the other two these have a round toe and block heel and are made of faux suede. The best way to describe them would be the closed toed sisters to these other Zara heels from their last spring collection (which I ended up buying in this post but ultimately returning.)

You can buy them online/ locate them at a store here.

So what do you think? Which one of these three are the keepers?
(Seriously. I'm little miss indecision.)

P.s if you didn't see in my last post:

If you're a fellow blogger in the NYC area and you want to collaborate, please shoot me an email: sharmilirakhit at gmail dot com.
Taking my own outfit photos is a bitch so what better way to remedy the situation than to enlist the help of another blogger? In return I'd be happy to return the favor. Doesn't matter if you're inexperienced with an SLR, we can make it work :)

concessions of a part time control freak

If you live in the tri-state area chances are you've also been stuck in the burning pits of hell dealing with this pain-in-the-butt heat wave that's been plaguing us for the past week. Once the temperature jumps above 85, I just want to bounce. What can I say, I've been spoiled by the temperate climate of Southern California. 95 degrees, 60% humidity, trying to walk the crowded streets of midtown Manhattan-- this is what dreams are made of.

The point of that mini rant is that when it's just that hot and you haven't shaved your legs in a week-- a floaty, white, maxi dress is your savior.

I've also just realized this is my second post in a row complaining about the weather. Sorry but clearly not enough to stop me from publishing this post.

P.s if you're looking at this dress and thinking, "girl, you need to get this hemmed like yesterday," don't worry, I know.

dress: urban outfitters, belt: j. crew, sunglasses: ray-bans (with prescription lenses)

Photo creds to my cousin // Editing by me

Which brings me to my next point...
If you're a fellow blogger in the NYC area and you want to collaborate, please shoot me an email: sharmilirakhit at gmail dot com.
My blog grew from my love of photography but I think it's time I let go of the reigns a bit. I'd love to blog more frequently but taking all my own outfit photos is a time killer. While I'm forever grateful to friends + family who occasionally help out, I end up feeling like a nag. Plus only another blogger can understand how finicky we can be while taking proper outfit photos!

So if you're in Manhattan during the week and want to work together, email me! Doesn't matter if you're an inexperienced photographer or not, we can make it work :)

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