poetic rain

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer as you won't find any poetic words praising a rainy day here. When titling the post I was actually thinking about how I don't get how writers are able to wax on about the supposed beauty that is a rainy day. Rainy days remind me of squishy socks and soaked canvas sneakers, of a stressful game of dodge-the-pedestrians where losing means an umbrella to the face, of traffic on the highways and delays on the trains. But the worst part of a rainy day is that rancid mildewy smell that lingers on after the rain is gone. Rainy days are just plain, old, gross.

P.s thanks for the birthday wishes!
P.p.s this is my first post as a 22 year old :O

coat: urban outfitters, dress: asos, boots: zara (similar from forever 21

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