poetic rain

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer as you won't find any poetic words praising a rainy day here. When titling the post I was actually thinking about how I don't get how writers are able to wax on about the supposed beauty that is a rainy day. Rainy days remind me of squishy socks and soaked canvas sneakers, of a stressful game of dodge-the-pedestrians where losing means an umbrella to the face, of traffic on the highways and delays on the trains. But the worst part of a rainy day is that rancid mildewy smell that lingers on after the rain is gone. Rainy days are just plain, old, gross.

P.s thanks for the birthday wishes!
P.p.s this is my first post as a 22 year old :O

coat: urban outfitters, dress: asos, boots: zara (similar from forever 21

Monday Musings

And another Monday comes and goes. I don't want to be cliche and say it's crazy how fast time flies, but really, it's crazy how fast time flies. My semi-nostalgic feelings on this Monday in particular may be attributed to the fact that this is my last Monday as a 21 year old. All I have to say about that is I don't want to grow up. But asides from the terrible inevitability of slowly transforming into an old hag adult, birthdays also mean presents and cake. I can get behind presents and cake.

A snazzy pair of cat-eye sunglasses by Illesteva
Aquazzura inspired flats by Steve Madden
Perfume by Clean that captures the scent of freshly washed laundry

across the river

Aaaannd I'm back from the blogging dead. Again. I pinky promise that I'm going to be maintaining a steady blogging schedule from here on out (thinking of MWF- ish? maybe?) I've been working on updating some behind the scenes aspects of the blog so huzzah. (Side note: I hate it when bloggers talk up sh*t like this as if it's some magical reveal that you can't wait for. As if.)

On a more style related note, I'm pretty sure I've talked about how much I love denim jackets before. But if I didn't, I'm declaring my love for them now. They're perfect for when the sun goes down, when there's a breeze cause you're by the water, or when for some wonderful reason, it doesn't happen to be 85 degrees and humid.

P.s How pretty does the New York skyline look? #viewsfromJersey

skirt: Kolkata street market find, crop top: forever 21, denim jacket: j. crew factory (similar by gap), shoes: steve madden (similar by dolce vita)

Indian street market skirt, j. crew denim jacket, ray-ban oversized wayfarers, forever 21 crop top

NYC skyline sunset, Hudson River NYC skyline

Liberty state park, j. crew denim jacket, NYC skyline outfit

Indian street market skirt, j. crew denim jacket, ray-ban oversized wayfarers, forever 21 crop top

NYC skyline from New Jersey, Hudson River NYC skyline, LIberty State Park photography

Arnaldo Palmer

Whenever I hit an unexpected blog hiatus, I'm compelled to apologize. But what's an apology if I know I'm just going to do it again sometime in the perhaps near future? Nevertheless, dear universe, I'm sorry for not blogging.

If you follow me on instagram, you may know that I no longer live in LA (insert crying emoji here.) Buuuuut, I do have some awesome memories from the past 4 years, including eating a lot of delicious Mexican food. And if I'm eating Mexican food, I'm probably drinking one of two things: Mexican coke or agua fresca.

So here's a simple recipe for a drink that I'm not sure what to call as it goes by multiple names. Jamaican tea lemonade, hibiscus agua fresca, hibiscus lemonade, Arnaldo Palmer, I don't know. Once you know what it is it doesn't really warrant a recipe, but here's one anyways.


Basically, you're mixing one part hibiscus iced tea with one part lemonade or limeade, chef's choice! This makes two cups of deliciousness.

Two tablespoons dried hibiscus flowers
1 cup cold water
1 cup lemonade/ limeade

1. Combine dried flowers and cold water. Place in fridge overnight (10-12 hours.)
2. Remove from fridge and strain out flower petals.
3. Pour equal parts tea and lemonade/ limeade into a cup.
4. Enjoy your refreshing drink!

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