Stan, Stan, he's the man

After being rebooted last year, these Adidas Stan Smith sneakers have been a street style favorite ever since. I was content at admiring them from afar because dishing out $75 for a pair of sneakers is a bit pricey for me. Also, as an extremely indecisive person, I couldn't decide if I wanted superstars or Stan Smiths more. But at the beginning of January I decided to bite the bullet when Urban Outfitters was having a $15 off $75 purchase. It was like the shopping deities were telling me, "buy these shoes now, you must." (Apparently the gods of shopping talk like Yoda.)

Yeah, unfortunately that did not pan out. But here I am, six months and six pairs of Stan Smiths later, and I finally have a pair that fit! It's been a long journey but I've finally made it-- high fiving a million angels!

On the shoes themselves, they're so classic. Even with the green I'm determined to wear them with everything-- long skirts, short skirts, shorts, jeans, whatever. In the summer I imagine they would be perfect with a bright, floral dress for that whole girly but sporty juxtaposition kinda thing. Size wise they definitely run big and are accommodating for wider feet. During the mini photo shoot I had (I was just so excited to finally receive them) I didn't feel any discomfort or potential blisters forming.

J. crew seems to carry them but the sizes are very limited. Or you could pre-order them for later this June at Nordstrom, or later this summer at Urban Outfitters.

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