forever 21 struggles

Like most people, I have a love hate relationship with forever 21. Part of the reason I hate it is because of what I'll call the forever 21-yes-no-maybe-so entrapment cycle. It starts off with purchasing something from forever 21, returning it, then getting stuck with store credit because despite the fact that they're a massive international retailer they somehow can't manage to actually refund you your money. Then your find something cute you wanna buy online, but need to spend $50 to get free shipping. If you're like me and abhor paying for shipping, you go ahead and add some meh items to your cart so your order will ship for free. As a perk of living in LA, your order arrives in a day or two and you'll have items you hate and items you love. You go return the items you hate, get more store credit, and the cycle begins all over again. And you're forever cursed with having some forever 21 store credit chillin' in your wallet.

This dress was a result of this vicious cycle and at first I thought it deserved its place in the yes, yes, yes pile. It's a trendy, 100% linen (albeit very thin linen), pinafore that actually fits my weird shape. After a few hours of wearing it to class, I realized the catch when it comes to this dress. It wrinkles like nobody's business. Oy vey.

dress: forever 21, crop top: asos, shoes: forever 21, lips: audrey

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