(If you got the 30 rock reference, have a bag of sabor de soledad on me.)

Coordinating sets, or as I will call them from here on out, toofers, aren't anything new to the interwebs. They've held a pretty constant presence in the world of fash-un for the past few years, with spikes in popularity when spring/ summer comes around (probably because there are less people able to work the head to toe knit look without looking like a fluffy turd, myself included.)

When paired together, they're basically a ready made outfit. And a polished one at that. It's a dream come true for someone who wants to be stylish, but also doesn't want to put in much effort-- aka me. But then you also have the option of wearing them with other pieces, increasing their versatility and giving you a real bang for your buck.

After this past weekend, I can finally say I am #teamtoofer after I found the most perfect set at forever 21. It's taken me the longest time to jump on the bandwagon, but now that I'm here, I'm never going back. I still do have the same hesitations from before I joined the gang: cost, fit, fabric choice, print, and then cost again. If you walked around the women's section at Bloomingdale's last weekend like I did, you're guaranteed to have seen at least a few mannequins dressed in their super chic, matching ensembles. Unfortunately, they're also super expensive. But hey, that's what sales (and birthdays) are for ;) But in the mean time, here are some more affordable options to contemplate.

Are you also on #teamtoofer? Do you have any recommendations for any cute twosies (as asos seems to call them)? If so, please share!

from top left: zara top, zara skirt, asos top, asos skirt, forever 21 top, forever 21 skirt, asos top, asos skirt, zara top, zara shorts, zara top, zara shorts

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