deconstructed sushi bowl

After moving off campus and into an apartment, I've only eaten at the dining hall a handful of times. The other Friday my friend brought me a shrimp sushi bowl from one of the dining halls and two things happened. One, I was shocked they still had the same Friday special from two years ago. You would think they would switch things up. And two, I remembered why I would eat this sushi bowl almost every Friday.

It's also a really simple dish to recreate at home. And it's healthy!

This isn't a recipe post, per-se. It's more of a sharing-a-food-idea kinda post so you can make your own deconstructed sushi bowl (side note: using the word "deconstructed" in front of any food makes me feel fancy and like I'm on Chopped or something.)

All you do is get all the ingredients you would have to make sushi, but instead of making said sushi, you just put it all into a bowl. It's so easy, I've already made it two times within the past week.

The basics would include, rice, nori, and a protein of your choice. Raw fish grosses me out 95% off the time so I lightly season my fish/ shrimp with sesame oil and salt, then pan fry it. But if you're into the whole raw fish thing, you can easily buy some sushi grade seafood at the Asian grocery store and make this bowl.

This time around, I had accidentally thawed tilapia instead of salmon, but went with it anyways. Also in the bowl was a half cup of sushi rice (from this recipe), chopped cucumber, one avocado, green onions, chopped seaweed, and spicy mayo (aka mayo + sriracha + the tiniest amount of honey.)

Basically, if you like sushi, you should fo sho make this. It's easy, cheap, and healthy!

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