buttoned down

Proportions aren't something I actively think about when I'm getting dressed. It's more of an intuitive reaction-- it just works or it doesn't. And for this outfit, I repressed that intuition. Skirts that sit so high on my torso aren't really my thing cause I think they make me look too top heavy (and like my boobs are being shoved into my face...) But in the spirit of going out of my comfort zone, trying new things, and all that jazz, I went with it. Also, I just really wanted to be able to wear this skirt. On the plus side, it did seem to elongate my legs, which is a feat considering I barely skim 5 feet.

button down: urban outfitters (similar also by uo), skirt: asos (runs small, went up a size and it's still a bit too small) (similar by topshop), bandana: urban outfitters, boots: stuart weitzman, lipstick: nars majella

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