paint it black

It's not all that surprising that a large portion of my closet is devoted to any and all black pieces. It makes for very easy dressing, which I'm all about. I'm trying to think of something else witty or sarcastic to comment on, but I'm coming up blank. So instead I'll close with a hope you're having a good week!

turtleneck: zara, shorts: urban outfitters, kimono: urban outfitters, boots: stuart weitzman

it's questionable

Please ignore my very odd looking face in this post. The reason why my face is reminiscent of the botched Ecce Homo painting is all thanks to my horrible photoshop job. My eyes were half closed in the original photo, but this was the only whole body shot that wasn't completely overexposed (damn Californian sun.) The result is this pic where I had to copy and paste parts of my face from a different photo.

Or maybe you didn't notice it, and it's a sign that I've just been staring at this photo for way to long/ need to go to sleep.

shirt: urban outfitters (similar also from uo), shorts: urban outfitters, sandals: forever 21 (similar by topshop)

buttoned down

Proportions aren't something I actively think about when I'm getting dressed. It's more of an intuitive reaction-- it just works or it doesn't. And for this outfit, I repressed that intuition. Skirts that sit so high on my torso aren't really my thing cause I think they make me look too top heavy (and like my boobs are being shoved into my face...) But in the spirit of going out of my comfort zone, trying new things, and all that jazz, I went with it. Also, I just really wanted to be able to wear this skirt. On the plus side, it did seem to elongate my legs, which is a feat considering I barely skim 5 feet.

button down: urban outfitters (similar also by uo), skirt: asos (runs small, went up a size and it's still a bit too small) (similar by topshop), bandana: urban outfitters, boots: stuart weitzman, lipstick: nars majella

oversized comfort

My personal style philosophy definitely places comfort above all. Therefore it makes sense that I tend to gravitate toward looser, unstructured pieces-- like this grey sweater. I'm not exactly sure if it's a top, tunic, or dress. We can just blame this mystery on h&m's odd sizing. Whatever it is, I wore it many ways for the better part of my break. Here I "spiced" it up with the burgundy fedora to give off a "I tried, but not really" vibe.

sweater: h&m, jeans: genetic denim, shoes: converse, hat: forever 21

spring break

Spring break flew by. Sadly. I didn't do anything all that exciting but that didn't really stop me from taking random pictures throughout the week.

I came home to found out that apparently I had a new subscription to Vogue that I had no idea about. Fashion magazines aren't my usual reading material so I was surprised to see that there were so many ads-- the table of contents wasn't even until page 70 something. On the plus side, that meant I got to see shots from the Valentino campaign I posted earlier, which are even prettier when printed out on the glossy pages of Vogue.

new shoes
When I first spotted these Zara sandals, I immediately saw the resemblance to the Chloé gladiators from last year's runway (plus I had just been admiring through the Intermix window, as photographed above.) Every single pair of heels I've ever bought from Zara have been comfortable enough, and this pair doesn't disappoint. The zipper in the back is pretty pointless, since it's easy to slip my foot in and out without unzipping. I'm still not sure if they're keepers because a) as comfortable as heels can be, I'll still usually pick flats b) I'm an indecisive baby. What do you think? Yay or nay?

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