the return of the denim skirt

I thought my denim skirt wearing days were over after I graduated middle school.

But it doesn't surprise me to say that I'm back on team yes-to-denim-skirts as most things in fashion are cyclical. The turning point for me was probably the revival of the 70s style, button front, a-line denim skirt. The Alexa Chung for Adriano Goldschmied collection featured a cute, little number. Unfortunately it was also really out of my price range.

But that's where Asos comes to the rescue with a medium wash, a-line cut skirt adorned with silver buttons. Thank you Asos gods!

skirt: asos

And then some denim skirt styling inspo, of course.


  1. I love my denim skirt...I never really stopped wearing it;) Love the way OP styled it above.
    Thanks for your visit over at Classy Ever After.

  2. I love wearing denim skirts! That one from Asos is amazing!


  3. Loving these looks! Totally thought I was done with denim skirts but these are all such classy ways of wearing it. So good.

  4. Great post! love these looks. looks cool

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  5. oh, I didn't even know denim skirts were once out of fashion. I've been wearing them every year :D I always thought denim can't be out of fashion at all :D anyway, I think I have 4 or 5 denim skirts for sure so I guess I'm fully equipped then, haha. oh and I'm definitely looking forward to your denim skirt ensemble!

    Maiken - Part of me

  6. Ah!! Literally just thinking about how much I wanted a denim skirt and the only one I liked was the AG Alexa Chung one, but the price range was definitely out of my price range! Can't believe how amazing this Asos one looks and looks just like the Alexa Chung one. Such a great find and love your inspiration. Can't wait to see you style this!


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