overalls that actually fit

This is me being about two years late to the whole overalls thing. And the prolonged period of overall-lessness is not because I didn't like them, but because they didn't like me. It was the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears, where Goldilocks is played by a short and "curvy" brown girl (aka me) and the bears are various retailers and their stinkin' overalls.

It's actually by a stroke of luck that I found these. Usually I don't even bother trying overalls on due to a lack of positive previous experiences. But something about these H&M overalls made me give them a try. The rest is history, and we lived happily every after.

H&M generally has weird sizing so I went two sizes up to get the fit I wanted: a relaxed leg-- not skin tight, but still tapered at the ankle, a high waist so my love handles don't spill out, and a roomy bib that doesn't pull at and accentuate my stomach. Plus they were black, and I can never have too much black in my closet.

overalls: h&m (similar from asos), cropped sweater: brandy melville, shoes: steve madden (similar by joie, dolce vita), lipstick: too faced melted

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