fake blogger pose confessions

And here's an outfit post featuring one of my favooorite poses, the faking-intensely-staring-at-my-super-important phone pose. In reality, I was probably engaged in an extremely exciting game of solitaire.

On an unrelated note, happy hump day!

sweater: h&m, skirt: zara, sweater tights: h&m, boots: zara


  1. i can't seem to master even a simple pose as this one haha...
    love the sweater :)

  2. I love seeing that little bleep of color, subtle just striking.

    Anastasia Ivy ||

  3. Hehehe...and you look good doing it babe! Love the outfit, and your intensity :)

    - Che

  4. a classic! i don't really do #ootd but the little i have done, i have used my phone to avoid the camera!

  5. Hahaha love this!! I always find it so awkward to stare directly at the camera, so I usually just look at the ground! The ground is just SO interesting! haha!
    Sincerely, Sara

  6. To me, it looks like you're actually checking your phone. Hehe. ;P Also, I need your boots like yesterday. o_O <3

    – Anna

  7. Haha! I take fake phone photos too. lol

  8. Haha I do this too, but mostly to avoid people talking to me. Love this outfit by the way! :)

    Joanna |

  9. seriously loving your hair, again. and your phone pose is good, well, at least I believe it, haha. oh and that pop of burgundy in the middle of all that black is spot-on!

    - Part of

  10. Hahah, yep, we've all done it! I love your chunky sweater :)

  11. Haha you're so hilarious! I find myself going for that same pose in my photos as well!

    - Liz
    Check out my latest post:

  12. haha I will think everyone is playing solitaire on their phones now when I see this pose! :)

    I had to use my mobile phone as a camera remote for a couple days, it was so tricky as I wasn't sure how to 'pose' with it! I much prefer and I'm glad to be back using my little remote, just click and go.

    Away From The Blue


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