10 sandals under $100

It seems like every spring I have the same struggle of trying to find a pair of affordable sandals. While I usually see shoes as something worth splurging on, sandals are the exception. It's hard to justify spending $200 on a few straps of leather that I can wear for a couple of months before they bite the dust.

Of course, on the other hand, with a limited budget comes limited options. I've been perusing the web, and thankfully I have found some potential choices. I've actually already bought the target and grey forever 21 ones, but I'm not sure if they're keepers yet... Those zara ones look promising, but they also barely fit the under $100 moniker.

If you have any sandal recommendations, please do share!

(and technically, the dolce vita ones are $100, but $100 and under just doesn't have the same ring to it, ya know?)

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  1. love your picks! thank you for sharing

  2. I really like the pink embellished ones and the gold sandals are fun too!

  3. Ahh I so wish the weather was warm enough for sandals out here - we're expecting snow flurries tomorrow :[
    These sandals makes me crave the sun!!

  4. I love sandals and I buy my fair share every year. However, what with living in England and all that...I possibly get to wear my sandals....oh...all of 10 days per year. And that's it. :D

  5. Love these sandals! The gladiators are so fun!

    xo Southern Style

  6. Ah! I totally agree! Why are sandals so freaking expensive?! This is pretty much why I live in flip flops during the warmer months because I'm just too cheap to shell out the money for two pieces of leather. This is a great round up though! And I do love those Asos and Forever pair. Would love to hear how the two you purchased held up!

  7. Awesome deals!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire



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