vintage stars & stripes... & stripes

I would be a strong contestant for the title of worst vintage/ thrift shopper ever. In general, vintage clothes are something I can admire from afar on others. I rarely have the patience to sort through the racks at forever 21 and goodwill is 10x worse, often times topped off with a not so pleasant stench. This skirt is the product of one of my few successful vintage shopping excursions...2 years ago. It was purchased from a charity shop for the American Cancer Society. I was iffy about it at the time, but I figured the money was going to charity so even if I never wore it at least it wasn't money down the drain. 2 years later and it's finally getting some wear time.

top: asos, skirt: vintage, shoes: urban outfitters (similar from nordstrom, forever 21, free people)

^ you guys, I'm apparently taking a small break from resting bitch face 

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