the post that never would

Nothing seemed to be going right with this post. First, my shirt dress was all wrinkly after sitting in class for a few hours. Then it was unbelievably sunny and my photos were all washed out. When going to load the photos onto my laptop I somehow got my SD card a little bit wet, and poof, card corrupted, pictures gone. Photoshop was able to help resolve the first two problems to a degree, and thankfully I recently got a free subscription to a recovery software which helped salvage these photos. By the end of editing I wasn't crazy about the photos but figured what the hell, I'll post them, since I already invested more time than usual in them.

Also, arms, I don't know what to do with 'em in photos. While it's totally natural to just stand there with my arms at my sides, somehow in photographs it translates as anything but natural, almost robotic. Anyone else have this issue?

dress: urban outfitters, sandals: rag & bone

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