weekend musings

1. Mismatched sandwich cremes
I was beyond elated when I came across these cookies in Whole Foods, or as Ron Swanson would call it-- Complete food. Like 95% of the population, I love Oreos. And with these half vanilla, half chocolate cookies you get the best of both worlds, Hannah Montana style. They're also made without over processed sugars and preservatives, which means they're healthier than normal Oreos. I think.

2. Madewell chambray popover shirtdress
This madewell denim shirt dress has been on my mind since I first saw it mid-December. It's 100% cotton and feels so ridiculously soft. The plaid lining is the perfect next-level kinda detail. And it actually fits me! Madewell dresses are usually way too long for me to consider, but this one hits mid thigh, just the way I want it to.

It's also pretty pricey. Even though it fits in perfectly with my buy less but buy well philosophy I'm probably still going to wait for some sort of sale. While I'm waiting, I couldn't help eying this forever 21 dress, which is actually also 100% cotton. But the wash doesn't look as natural as the madewell version, the buttons weirdly blend in, and of course it's missing that plaid lining.

3. Forever 21 accessories + shoes
Speaking of forever 21, lately they have been on point as far as accessories and shoes go. I've resisted so far but those gel pens are calling my name. Ah, 90s nostalgia.

scented gel pens, embroidered clutch, grey open toe booties, glitter flatforms, two strap sandals, black clutchpink bow, black open toe booties, espadrille flatforms 

4. Secret State of North Korea on Netflix
I admit I'm not usually one to watch documentaries because they're typicallyy snooze fest central as far as I'm concerned. But after watching The Interview over winter break, I was curious to learn more about North Korea. After skimming through numerous wiki articles, I somehow ended up watching this documentary which gave me a glance at what's happening in one of the most isolated countries in the world. The stories and clips portray heartbreaking stories told by defectors, but the documentary still leaves you with a small glimmer of hope. Overall, I'd say the film is worth the hour break from binge watching Friends.

5. Favorite Outfit
My favorite outfit of this week is hands down this one by Peony Lim.

If you're reading this, I hope you 're having a good weekend!

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