the Friday five

1. The Asos sale on sale

In case you didn't know, Asos is offering an extra 10% off any sale items until the 12th. Soo many items that I have been eyeing for the past few months have gone on sale. But as I mentioned in my "new year, new boots" post, I'm trying to be a smarter shopper this year. In the past I might have just gone for it, but now I'm pausing to consider how practical of a purchase these items are.

I've been eying the blue coat ever since I saw Kylie Jenner wearing it last spring. It's just been sitting in my cart for months, and I've almost caved a few times cause it's so pretty and as I've said numerous times, I'm all about the maxis. Now that it's 50% off, I'm so tempted to just buy it but I'm trying to be a smarter shopper in 2015. It's a trendy item so the fact that it isn't of the best materials doesn't bother me too much. I do want to make sure that I can envision myself realistically wearing it in multiple outfits before I go for it.

turtleneck sweater, blue duster coat, striped midi skirt

2. Simple micellar water

I use bioderma on the daily, but it is expensive! The new $7 Simple brand micellar water is a much more affordable option. If you've never tried micellar water before, you're missing out! They're very gentle and effective in removing makeup and cleaning your face, without leaving any sort of residue behind. I'm going to take a peek at the ingredient and pray that it compares to Bioderma, and if all goes well order it from I've never tried any simple products before, but it seems that they're marketing themselves as making "natural" products-- which I'm wary of since 50% that's a bunch of phony baloney. My skin's superpower is being able to breakout in .5 seconds so my hesitance is well warranted. I have heard good things about their face wipes though, so hopefully this is also a success.

It's currently being sold on You can also find it in stores at Target according to nouveau cheap.

3. Penne alla vodka by Ina Garten

recipe: Nick & Toni's Penna Alla Vecchia Bettola, photo via Alexandra Cooks

Nom nom nom, I'm already drooling from just thinking about making this dish. I've been wanting to try cooking a vodka sauce since this summer, and I've finally found the perfect recipe for it. Thank you, Ina!

4. Season premier of Pretty Little Liars

This show. To be honest, I don't really remember what's even going on because they start and stop and start so many different story lines. I do have to say I'm on board with the whole evil twin theory. If you have any interesting theories (or links to other people's interesting theories) please share!

5. This outfit

I know in the last post I said I like to keep it simple, but I would wear the hell out of this outfit. It's worth going out of my comfort zone. Shini is one of my top 5 fav bloggers so it's no surprise to me that she knocks it out of the park. Plus she's wearing my favorite boots ;)

source: Park & Cube

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