pima cotton love

This is me breaking out of my current black on black on black lifestyle. I was really living on the edge when I put on this white t-shirt and oatmeal cardigan. C'est la vie. A note on said t-shirt; it's the softest freaking t-shirt I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. I've been working on being more critical of what material my clothing is made of and it has definitely paid off with this t-shirt. 100% pima cotton. I have no idea what pima cotton exactly is, but as far as I'm concerned it is what soft and stretchy, dream, white, t-shirts are made of.

jeans: forever 21, t-shirt: theory, cardigan: urban outfitters (similar also from UO), boots: on the brink of death and need to be replaced ASAP

FYI, I have no idea what fascinated me into staring at the ground.

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