new year, new shoes

A pseudo-resolution of mine for 2015 is to be a less impulsive shopper. I admit to having more clothes than I need, partly because I have so many clothes and shoes purchased because they were cheap or good deals. Then said clothes end up being worn once or twice and eventually end up forgotten in the corners of my closet. But this year I'm going to be more discerning about my purchases.

On my current wish list is a pair of over the knee boots. I've already dedicated a whole post to my undying love of the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots, but before I make an investment like that I'd like to exhaust the more affordable options. Most of the boots I found were more similar to the Stuart Weitzman 5050s with their elastic backs. I'm not sure how I feel about this since I think elastic backs can look somewhat matronly. In addition, if I'm paying over $100 for a pair of shoes, they better be of good quality. When a boot is half elastic rather than leather or suede, I'm getting less bang for my buck. A fitted shaft is another must-- not too tight that they look painted on, but not too loose that they end up scrunching down, specially around the ankles. Of course some scrunching is inevitable, and I think suede hides that better than a smooth leather.

In an ideal world, all of these shoes would be available in my size at one retailer, so I could try them on consecutively, and make a decision. If you've tried any of these on or have any other OTK boot suggestions, please share!

1. Chinese Laundry (on sale)-- pictures of them worn on this blog
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Tommy Hilfiger (on sale)
4. Stuart Weitzman (~30% off in other colors)
5. Stuart Weitzman Lowland <3<3<3<3
6. Via Spiga (on sale, out of stock online but you can use live chat to find them in stores)-- tried these on in store and I felt like I was wearing superhero shoes. While they are made out of suede, they look like neoprene :/
7. Steven by Steve Madden (on sale)
8. Free People

P.S If you're reading this, I hope you had a wonderful start to 2015!


  1. Those boots are lovely, but I don't even know if they would go past my ankles...that's how chunky they are. (ankles, not boots). Stuart Weitzman usually have the options of a wider fitting so they may be my best bet, but my eyes are watering at the price.

  2. That Chinese Laundry pair is fabulous! I clicked through to see them in the blog post and I guess the word that comes to mind is beautiful (is that weird to think of a pair of boots as?!). I digress. I hope you had a lovely New Years!

  3. Hm i don't own a pair of knee boots myself but it does seem like you;d have to take heaps into consideration. Hold out for the perfect pair, I say!

  4. happy new year, Mili! oh, you and your boot dilemma :P when I look at all those 8 options I must say number 8 looks the best. I love the shape and I think even I would wear that pair. other pairs? nope :P but I'm definitely excited about your final decision and the outcome when you have made that decision!!

    Part of me

  5. Wow, love these boots -sexy, cool & comfy without the heels, need a pair!!! Happy New Year! x


  6. Happy new year, mili! hope you have a great one ♥ while i lovelovelove these boots, I think they wouldn't be flattering for my body type ):

  7. Yes, yes, yes! I've come to the same conclusion...aha, it's time to be more picky when it comes to making additions to my closet! I've cleaned mine out, and while it was hard, it's a refreshing feeling. What's funny is how I'm similarly determined to find super tall boots now. With thick calves, it's difficult, but surely by the end of 2015 I'll find something?
    Love the inspiration from your picks here!

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  8. I've been a little obsessed with black velvety boots recently. They look a bit magical and I just adore that! x

  9. Amazing boots! Love classic black boots - never out of style :)



    My Closet Life Blog

  10. I'm the same with clothes and shoes, I always buy stuff and never wear it but then I don't want to get rid of it!

    I hope you manage to find the boots of your dreams.

    Corinne x

  11. The Lowland boots!!! I quite like the Urban Outfitters pair as well. It's interesting that you see the elastic backs as matronly; I've been trying to place my issue with the elastic backs and I think I have similar feelings about them.
    I hope that you find the perfect pair soon, Mili! I look forward to seeing how you style your boots.

  12. all of these boots are great!! it's hard to pick a favorite :)

    I hope you have a great 2015 too!


  13. I should def explore OTK boots this year. Love #4 - those front panels remind me of the givenchy ones i was dying over last year. #8 looks really nice on! hope you find something decent in the sales.. happy new year :) x

  14. Oh god these boots are gorgeous!! I want a pair so badly now!


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