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I can't think of another word that perfectly sums up the newest Valentino campaign. Naturally, the clothes are gorgeous, because hello, Valentino. But to me, the best part of the collection are the strappy starfish sandals. They're shoes fit for a mermaid (if they had feet a la Ariel.)

The first photo in this post is hands down my favorite because it reminds me of one of my favorite paintings, Ophelia by John Everett Millais. There's just something hauntingly beautiful about it. The styling and photography of the series as a whole reminds me of the nymphs from Greek mythologies-- forest nymphs hiding in the trees, sea nymphs resting by the shore.

Ps. Not to be a super cheeseball but thanks for all the well wishes on my last post! I'm still sick as a dog, but the comments and suggestions cheered me up :)

source: Valentino


  1. i'm soo in love with this campaign.. can't believe it was the photographer's (michal pudelka) first ever fashion campaign...
    love, x
    sophie from - bloggin from nyccc whieee

  2. I had no idea! I had checked out his site but didn't recognize any of his work. Now I know why

  3. Oooooh I am smitten. I'd only seen glimpses of this, never really given it my entire attention until now and you summed it up; magical indeed. This all reminds me of a mural or painting I once saw in a castle somewhere in Western Europe (probably in Spain or Portugal) it was about nymphs and their scandalous ways frolicking in the forest or something along these lines. Though this campaign hardly portrays promiscuity of any kind still it takes me back and I love it!


  4. Oh wow, yeah, the sandals are gorgeous but those prints! Oh my, they're def something special!!! Gorgeous campaign!


  5. Oh my gooosh, all those photos are INCREDIBLE. I'm a huge sucker for any type of fashion campaign. I love how the sky is (almost literally) the limit. I would kill to wear some of these things pictured above.


  6. I love these photos they're amazing :)

  7. these photos are beautiful! i love the dresses in the last photo :)


  8. Wow! These pictures are beautiful and ethereal and the colors are so soft and feminine!

  9. Oooh, you're right. The theme is simply magical. Love the styling for this shoot!

    Aww, and glad our messages cheered you up :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. These are beautiful! Definitely a dreamy collection, and yes, those shoes are seriously gorgeous.

  11. wow, those photos indeed are special and really tell a story of their own! and your blog is pretty much the only place where I can see some campaigns, otherwise I would know nothing about it, haha. by the way, I hope you're feeling a lot better! I myself am struggling with something pretty bad and miserable as well and I hope I'll be able to get better as soon as possible.

    Part of me

  12. Seriously love these photos! They're getting me inspired for the warmer months!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  13. Wow, not only are the pieces gorgeous, but so it the art direction!

  14. Ahh Valentino always has some of the best designs-one of my favorite designers! I love the ones with the simple white dresses. The ones with the crazy patterns are pretty cool too although I feel like that's not usually something I see with Valentino, you know? The photos are interesting and thought provoking although the models seem a little lifeless to me. I think that's a stylistic choice which is what makes it thought provoking!

    Olivia | Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  15. Wow impressive. Valentino is always a favourite of mine.

  16. Wow that is a stunning editorial! That first photo has to be my favourite too.

    Hope that you feel better soon!

    Away From The Blue

  17. It's all gorgeous.

  18. beautiful pics! love those floaty chiffon dresses..


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