your grandmother's Valentino tapestry kimono cardigan

You know when you see something online and it's love at first sight and you really want it but it's too expensive to justify but then it goes on sale and you get it and you're a bit disappointed when you finally have it? Yeah, that's the story of me and this cardigan. I still like it. It's a unique print with a loose and comfy fit akin to a blanket scarf, without actually being a blanket scarf (which I find impossible to wear.)  But online, the knit looked a bit thicker and the black a bit darker. The floral motif kind of reminds me of something an elderly grandma would wear/ drape on her wall as a tapestry. And to be honest, that doesn't really bother me. In a more fashion related sense, I do get some of the same medieval-y tapestry vibes as the Valentino f/w 2013 collection, and that's never a bad thing.

kimono cardigan: urban outfitters, mock neck top: asos, jeans: ag, boots: zara, lips: nars scarlet empress


  1. Aww, I actually quite like this cardigan and the thickness of it is really appealing to me right now as I write this comment in 35 degree weather... It's very cute on you!

  2. This kimono is gorgeous! Great look!

  3. I quite like it, though! It's really cute!

  4. This kimono is absolutely stunning!! I love the print -- it makes me miss wearing summer clothes so much haha. It looks great on you!


    Looks by Lau

  5. I love this! And omg your chelsea boots are to die for :) I hope you're enjoying the holidays <3


  6. This is such an unusual piece and you've styled it so well! I also love your dainty friendship bracelets poking out of the sleeves - very cute :)


  7. The kimono is so pretty!

  8. it's a very cool print I must say. the cut is definitely unusual but you have styled it beautifully. I think adding those patent leather boots is like the cherry on top of that look. and your hair looks fabulous :) (I cut down mine but seeing others' long hair is still sort of nice)

    Part of me

  9. This kimono looks so cool on you! I wont be able to pull it off!

    Katrina Sophia

  10. This cardigan is amazing and gorgeous pictures, too!

  11. Love the kimono! It looks perfect with your all black outfit, you'll get lots of wear out of it I'm sure x

  12. This cardigan looks so warm and comfortable, and I absolutely love the print! :) New to your blog, you have rad style <3

  13. Mmm, tapestry vibes, yes <3

    Aha, it looks great on you! Maybe it'll grow on you the more you wear it ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. We totally feel you, but seriously love this kimono on you. The colors are so perfect!!

    xx 365hangers

  15. Loving the cardigan- you styled it just as I would! Diggin' it, lady.


  16. Cute look. I really like the cardigan and how it is a mix of my favorite love which is the Kimono

    Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  17. I see what you mean, I'm going against the crowd and siding with you. I'm not feeling it really, it reminds me of a rug or something interior related. But I do like how you styled it though, all black perfection. Who knows, maybe you'll find that it clicks with a certain something in your closet that makes it really, really shine.

    Happy Holidays!

  18. I love it, I think you look great!! Happy Friday! :)


  19. That is a cute kimono! Even if it wasn't as perfect as you hoped, it does look nice with the denim! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Away From The Blue

  20. Best cardigan ever <3 Awesome colors. Love your shoes, too!

    - Anna

  21. i've definitely had that before with clothes i've bought online, but at least you got it while it's on sale! to be honest i've never really LOVED any clothes i've bought from urban outfitters (which isn't a lot since we don't have actual stores in australia so i've only ever bought online.) i've just not found them to be as good quality as i was expecting but like i said, as long as you got it on sale and didn't pay full price! haha.

    jessica -


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