your grandmother's Valentino tapestry kimono cardigan

You know when you see something online and it's love at first sight and you really want it but it's too expensive to justify but then it goes on sale and you get it and you're a bit disappointed when you finally have it? Yeah, that's the story of me and this cardigan. I still like it. It's a unique print with a loose and comfy fit akin to a blanket scarf, without actually being a blanket scarf (which I find impossible to wear.)  But online, the knit looked a bit thicker and the black a bit darker. The floral motif kind of reminds me of something an elderly grandma would wear/ drape on her wall as a tapestry. And to be honest, that doesn't really bother me. In a more fashion related sense, I do get some of the same medieval-y tapestry vibes as the Valentino f/w 2013 collection, and that's never a bad thing.

kimono cardigan: urban outfitters, mock neck top: asos, jeans: ag, boots: zara, lips: nars scarlet empress

homemade samoas-- shortbread cookies in chocolate, caramel, and coconut

After making these cookies, I can't believe I've lived the past 21 years without them. They're literally the best cookies ever. I've always loved samoas, they're hands down my favorite girl scout cookies. And what do you know, they taste even better when made fresh! It's like if all my life I had been eating packaged chocolate chip cookies. I mean, a cookie is a cookie is a cookie. It's still good to a sweet tooth like me. But then one day your taste buds experience the magical deliciousness of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, how the chocolate is gooey and just melts in your mouth, the dough so soft and chewy. That's what it was like to eat these cookies. Samoas are awesome. Homemade samoas are out of this world.

I used la creme de la crumb's recipe, but with very minor adjustments. To get the recipe, read on after the jump :)

baby, it's cold outside

It seems like only 2-3 weeks ago I was whining about why it wasn't getting colder. 80 degree weather day after day can get a bit dull, especially in the middle of what's supposed to be fall. But since then I've been thrust into the cold with freezing cold temperatures plus snow over the last weekend when I went home and now with the rain in LA.

And since it's December, now would be the perfect time to embrace the cold weather. But the fact of the matter is that when I wake up to a gloomy morning (it does happen), I don't really want to do much besides crawl back into bed and burry myself under my blanket. A turtleneck, skinnies, and sneakers become my unofficial official outfit. There's nothing wrong with that, but variety is the spice of life. And as always, pinterest is the perfect mecca for inspiration of cold weather outfits.

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