Since I don't have my dream over the knee boots featured in my previous post, I've been emulating the look a lot recently with a over the knee sock + flat combination. The only problem is that I'm terrible at keeping track of my socks. At the end of each winter, I inevitably end up with a handful of unmatched, long, black socks. Let's hope this season's socks have a happier ending ahead of them.

On a completely unrelated note, the holiday season is almost officially here!! I didn't even realize until yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week (and that I have yet to buy my tickets to fly out East, oops.) (Another side note, is east capitalized or not? Cause here it refers to the action of flying in a certain direction, but also flying to a specific region. Idk, the grammar stickler in me is confused. I guess it depends on pragmatics.)

dress: urban outfitters, socks: hue, flats: urban outfitters (similar), hat: forever 21 (similar), lips: revlon matte balm in sultry

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