this week

TV: As a self professed tv addict, I haven't been watching that much tv recently. Over the summer I became a food network and cooking channel junkie, with occasional viewings of Shark Tank cause my parents love that show.

But with all the new fall shows, I figured it was time to try something new. I've always loved a good mystery so I was quickly sucked into How to Get Away with Murder. Okay, not that quickly since I didn't really love the pilot, but after the second episode I was fully invested.

It's hard to summarize the show's premise. You can watch the trailer, but even that doesn't really make the show seem all that interesting. Each episode focuses on one trial, but there's an over arching background story occurring along the way. If you're sucker for mysteries, it's definitely worth a watch. They're only a few episodes into the first season so it's easy to catch up!

Beauty Routine: Just the other day I was having a conversation on the crazy things that celebrities do to look good, or their idea of "good" (Renee Zellwegger and I do not have the same definition of "good.") Since I live in LA, it isn't crazy for me to see ads for ridiculous treatments while walking down the street, or hear stories of someone who knows someone else who has fallen for the crazy.

The strangest thing I've read recently? Velaterapia. Click through to read. I have nothing else to add, cause, really?

Food Indulgence: My first mission to Trader Joe's to find the alluring new cookies n' cream cookie butter was a flop, so I settled for the original. And what a disappointment that was. It tasted like a bland mixture of crumbled up gingerbread and shortbread cookies.

On trip numero dos, I found the cookies n' cream cookie butter on a specially designated shelve for new products, and it made my day. It's like freaking oreos in a jar. But better. It's creamy swirls of black and white, with little bit of added texture thanks to a cookie crumble crunch. I started with dipping pretzels into it, but I've since made the dangerous decision to just eat it by the spoon. It's a slippery, slippery, slope, people.

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