perks of the garden state

Before I came to school, I convinced my parents to go pumpkin picking with me. Not that it took much convincing. That trip turned into a pumpkin/ apple/ berry/ corn picking extravaganza. Unfortunately the farm we were visiting (Alstede) closes at 7, my parents were done with work at 5, and thanks to rush hour traffic we got there at 6, giving us a mere hour to roam the grounds. But in that 1 hour I experienced more "autumn" than I have in the entire month of October in LA.

It's a tough toss up between fall and spring for the coveted spot of favorite season-- but I think pumpkin picking, candy corn, and oversized sweaters that can hide the largest of food babies give fall the advantage. This sweater in particular reminds me of a bowl of fruit loops, and is a far cry from my usual palette of black, white, and blue. I bought it during one of my "I need to wear more color" bouts. While I wore it for comfort, I realized after the fact that I looked like a farmer blending in with the various fruits and vegetables. It is what it is.

sweater: american apparel, shorts: levi's, shoes: converse



  1. Haha! Those are definitely good reasons why Fall should win for best season! And I love your fun sweater! Looks like you had a great Fall adventure!

  2. I just can't handle the levels of fall in this post.


    Um, I need this in my life.

    The Dragonfruit

  3. Oh my gosh, this post just screams Fall! Love all of the pumpkin picking photos here. And your sweater is so fun. I also want to eat everything here too, hahaha. Seriously, there's so many things to love in this post!

  4. ahh this looks like the most amazing place! i've always wanted to go pumpkin picking

  5. aw you're so lucky, where i live we don't have such places with lots of pumpkins actually we don't celebrate Halloween :( Also, your pictures are really beautiful!

  6. how cool!!! actually the coolest post I've seen/read today ;) I love all the photos, I love your colourful sweater, those delicious donuts, the pumpkin field overall. and I recently found out we have at least one pumpkin field here in Estonia so yay for us, Estonians too, hehe. I'm not the biggest pumpkin fan (I mean the taste of it) but pumpkins looks so cool and those fields too.

    Part of me

  7. I would LOVE to go one of those places! Beautiful photography.

    Katrina Sophia

  8. I love Alstede Farms! Great photos!

  9. Your photography is always so incredibly gorgeous!! It looks like you had such a great time at the farm.

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  10. Ahahaha god bless oversized sweaters! Probably one of the main reasons I don't want to let go of summer, I don't want to show off my little food baby that's been growing all winter.


  11. I think I am in love with your sweater and the idea of picking pumpkins. I have never seen a pumpkin in my entire life.

  12. Unless pictures count.

  13. I think I could eat apple cider donuts every day.. Love the photos! Wish we had a place like this near where I live in South Florida.


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