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It's finalllly cooling down in LA and I can actually think about fall clothes without breaking out into a sweat.

Living in a warmer climate, naturally I need to amend my wardrobe as necessary during the transitional seasons. Retailers may be selling turtleneck sweaters, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be wearing them in October (the same cannot be said about PSL, I can drink those anytime, rain or shine... or heat wave.) It sounds basic but I am shocked time and time again with people who completely disregard the weather in their sartorial choices.

Stop trying to make fall happen.

My snark aside, to each her/ his own. You do you. All that jazz.

A trend I have been loving for the past couple of months, and one that can be easily worn this time of the year in LA, is anything with long layers. Long cardigans, long sweaters over long skirts, long coats, long vests. My personal favorite would have to be the long shirt dress. While I don't have the body or confidence to wear a normal dress over jeans, I love the concept of a maxi length shirt dress. Unbuttoned to allow a sliver of a pair of skinnies or a mini skirt to peek through, it's the perfect nonchalant, effortless look. Even this black silence + noise silky shirt dress I referenced in a previous post (...and ended up splurging on) might be a contestant for this ensemble.

Here's some pinterest inspiration for this style:

sources: Lee Oliveira, Vanessa Jackman, collage vintage, Stockholm streetstyle, ooh couture, who what wear, & pinterest



  1. I have really been loving the inspiration I've seen with longer length lately, too. You have some awesome ideas here. I'm just on the hunt for that perfect piece to add to my wardrobe to give the trend a try.

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  2. I'm totally loving this trend. Thanks for sharing these inspirations! x

  3. "Stop trying to make Fall happen"

  4. adore this trend!


  5. I'm definitely loving all of these long lengths that I've been seeing around. And hahaha at "stop trying to make Fall happen". I remember growing up in California and not understanding the idea of changing your wardrobe as the seasons change, haha.

  6. Lovely inspiration pics! :) I'm petite so I find long layers swamp me a bit, but it's definitely a look I can admire on others :)

  7. I reaaaaally want a knit duster vest. I can't help imagining how perfect it would be for fall <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. wow, I actually love most of the looks you have chosen to share here. not the turtlenecks and this strange net-like dress but everything else - a clear yes yes yes! oh and I seriously can't wait to see your take on that trend!!!

    Part of me

  9. These longer lengths are so chic!! Love them!

  10. Anja in that Celine turtleneck - swoon! What a perfect outfit. I bought the Zara version because of that photo. It's warming up over here but I love this trend, hopefully will find some good ways to wear this in the heat!

  11. I love long lengths at the moment, my coat comes to mid shin but I love the ankle scrapers too. That black coat is stunning! Here in England, it's cold enough to wear a hundred layers.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  12. OK, I feel like I need a long grey vest now, because that look is killing me! I love it! Great post <3

    - Anna


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