garden party

Since I am such a terrible blogger (/procrastinator) I still have a bunch of photos from September, just chilling, unprocessed, in a folder on my laptop. My lags in blogging usually come from a) not having time to take photos or b) not having the patience to edit photos and compose posts. This time around it was definitely letter b. And with school having just started (yes, I started school in October #quartersystemproblems) it'll probably move into a combo of a + b. The struggle is real.

I wore this dress countless times over the summer cause it's so comfortable and so versatile. I haven't worn any denim skirts or dresses since the 6th grade, but it's hard to resist the magical food-baby-concealing powers of a flouncy, denim, smock dress. New and slightly unconventional takes on denim have been constantly cropping up, while at the same time online publishers relay that denim as a whole is going out of fashion. Personally I'm embracing expanding my denim horizons (and refusing to say goodbye to my skinnies anytime soon.)

denim smock dress: asos, lace up ballet flats: urban outfitters (similar), black hat: zara (similar)

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