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I'm not sure if the following statement is some weird, personal quirk, or a completely common, normal person thing. During my senior year of high school, after I decided where I would be spending the next 4 years of my life, I got rid of all my collegiate apparel from any other school. Owning apparel repping any other school felt like a betrayal, like I was cheating... on my school. After 3 years, I broke that rule and got this shirt while visiting my brother at his school. I'll just chalk it up as my way of showing support for my brother. Cause t-shirts speak louder than words.

tee: princeton bookstore, jeans: genetic denim, shoes: urban outfitters (similar)


  1. ooo your brother is a smartie. and i LOVE the way you dressed it up with them awesome cage sandals. i literally went "ooo" when I scrolled to the bottom of the picture, haha.

    and LOVED the post below this one- so many good layering ideas. i can't get over those longer lengths either- they're so dramatic without trying too hard :)

    xo marlen
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  2. The shirt is perfect with the ripped jeans and lace-up sandals. Too cool for school!


  3. Love the upgraded casual look! The shoes definitely add more personality to the school pride tee. Maybe I should invest in my school pride tee...hmm.

    Neon Fox

  4. I really want to start visiting schools in the US only to buy tshirts and sweatshirts... when I visited Boston, I bought a Harvard Tshirt and it makes me happy.

  5. Love the jeans with your sandals! Such a cool look, and the tee makes the perfect dressy/casual mix. x

  6. Haha, you traitor!!
    I honestly don't care about that so much. While I'm proud of the school I'll be attending, it's not such a huge deal to me about the branded apparel.
    You rock that tee! Also, I freaking love these lace up shoes <3

    The Dragonfruit

  7. Haha I don't think people care that much - I see people wearing Harvard sweatshirts and I *know* that they didn't go there, nor did anyone in their family go there.
    I really like the way you dressed up such a casual tee with those shoes - how perfect are they?? Absolute perfect, that's how! :]

  8. I didn't have any special school clothes, uniforms, tees or anything so I have no idea how to feel about that topic. oh, I do have a high school ring but it's covered with Super Attack, oops. anyway, your tee (or your brother's tee?!) looks cool and so do those shoes!

    Part of me

  9. You can't beat a good tee. Love how you styled it.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  10. Your jeans are lovely. Would love it if you could check out my latest post on styling hair!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

  11. Loving your jeans and your amazing shoes!!


  12. Beautiful cozy chic look <3 Love the shoes, especially! ^_^ Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment for me, too! I appreciated it!

    - Anna

  13. I only have shirts from my alma maters just because I'm not much a t-shirt person, but wanted to show off my school pride! I think it's totally 100% okay for you to have shirts from your brother's school or any other school. Lots of people have that Harvard shirt and they sure as hell did not go to Harvard! Love the shoes by the way!


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