a few days in Mumbai

It seems that I will actually never get done with posting my photos from India. But the end is finally near! Mumbai, or Bombay, was the fourth and final destination for our trip-- although we had passed through their airport numerous time before we actually got to stay in the city.

Mumbai was unlike any other Indian city I had ever been to... not that I have been to many to begin with. It was way bigger and way more modern in comparison to Kolkata. We weren't there for very long so we mostly just toured around the southern part of the city as we were staying in Cuffe Parade. Still we visited a beautiful art gallery, a museum, a few different street markets, as well as one of the largest malls I had ever been to.

I'd love to visit Mumbai again cause I don't think I got the whole Mumbai experience. It was the last segment of the trip and after almost a month and 8 plane rides behind me, I was burned out. There are so many famous street markets (which if you read my blog, you know I love) in the city that I didn't get to explore. And sadly I didn't get to eat any traditional Maharashtrian cuisine.

We did spend a decent chunk of time at Colaba Causeway, as it was very close to our hotel. It's known as a market geared towards tourists, but I think that made it more convenient to find things we were interested in purchasing. Lately it's become trendy to reject the whole "tourist" persona, as something so amateurish it's practically blasphemous. I find it kinda silly, cause hey, if you're visiting a new place for a first time, of course you're going to want to experience first hand all the things you previously heard about, as overexposed as they may be.

So here are some photographs I took while I was busy being a full blown tourist.


  1. You take the most amazing pictures!!

  2. So in love with this trip you took and all your pictures ♥ You are making me want to go to India really bad.

  3. Such a beautiful place and amazing photos! Your post makes me want to go Mumbai someday.. Great post! xo akiko

    Style Imported

  4. Oh wow! Mumbai! One of my best friends just got back from India and I am SO excited to meet up for coffee with them to hear all about it. Reading this was beautiful - and I loved the pictures you decided to share!

    I am hoping to do the Holi One Color Festival in India either next year or the year after.

    Curry... festivities... culture.. ahhh cannot wait!

  5. Stunning photographs as always! I've never been, but these photos definitely make me want to plan a visit soon.

  6. These pictures are gorgeous! Mumbai seems like a beautiful place, would love to visit some day! :)

  7. Haha I'd be the worst tourist ever!

    I love how long your India trip photos have extended to - because if I can't be a tourist first hand, I'll do it vicariously through your posts <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Mumbai is such a cool city, I would love love to visit again. I adore the cat and banana photos!

    Katrina Sophia

  9. love this post! the styling is on point! :)))

    New style post on the blog dear!

  10. well, you know I love those (travel) posts from you. it's super interesting to see all those different details, especially the fresh stuff. those bananas are driving me crazy right now, they're looking so yummy! :D

    Part of me

  11. great pics! love your travel spots! that turtle compass at the beginning was cool!

  12. I love playing tourist and being all out touristy. It adds to the hype and magic of travel. Though the magic only works when it's your first time there because it's all new. Still though fun to visit those places even if it's your second or third sojourn!


  13. Your street photos are excellent, I've always thought you had an amazing eye :) Not going to complain if you wanted to share more! x

  14. Hey Mili! GREAT POST! I was just blog-hopping and your photos for Mumbai caught my eye :O

    Awesome! I'll definitely stick around :)


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