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TV: As a self professed tv addict, I haven't been watching that much tv recently. Over the summer I became a food network and cooking channel junkie, with occasional viewings of Shark Tank cause my parents love that show.

But with all the new fall shows, I figured it was time to try something new. I've always loved a good mystery so I was quickly sucked into How to Get Away with Murder. Okay, not that quickly since I didn't really love the pilot, but after the second episode I was fully invested.

It's hard to summarize the show's premise. You can watch the trailer, but even that doesn't really make the show seem all that interesting. Each episode focuses on one trial, but there's an over arching background story occurring along the way. If you're sucker for mysteries, it's definitely worth a watch. They're only a few episodes into the first season so it's easy to catch up!

Beauty Routine: Just the other day I was having a conversation on the crazy things that celebrities do to look good, or their idea of "good" (Renee Zellwegger and I do not have the same definition of "good.") Since I live in LA, it isn't crazy for me to see ads for ridiculous treatments while walking down the street, or hear stories of someone who knows someone else who has fallen for the crazy.

The strangest thing I've read recently? Velaterapia. Click through to read. I have nothing else to add, cause, really?

Food Indulgence: My first mission to Trader Joe's to find the alluring new cookies n' cream cookie butter was a flop, so I settled for the original. And what a disappointment that was. It tasted like a bland mixture of crumbled up gingerbread and shortbread cookies.

On trip numero dos, I found the cookies n' cream cookie butter on a specially designated shelve for new products, and it made my day. It's like freaking oreos in a jar. But better. It's creamy swirls of black and white, with little bit of added texture thanks to a cookie crumble crunch. I started with dipping pretzels into it, but I've since made the dangerous decision to just eat it by the spoon. It's a slippery, slippery, slope, people.

perks of the garden state

Before I came to school, I convinced my parents to go pumpkin picking with me. Not that it took much convincing. That trip turned into a pumpkin/ apple/ berry/ corn picking extravaganza. Unfortunately the farm we were visiting (Alstede) closes at 7, my parents were done with work at 5, and thanks to rush hour traffic we got there at 6, giving us a mere hour to roam the grounds. But in that 1 hour I experienced more "autumn" than I have in the entire month of October in LA.

It's a tough toss up between fall and spring for the coveted spot of favorite season-- but I think pumpkin picking, candy corn, and oversized sweaters that can hide the largest of food babies give fall the advantage. This sweater in particular reminds me of a bowl of fruit loops, and is a far cry from my usual palette of black, white, and blue. I bought it during one of my "I need to wear more color" bouts. While I wore it for comfort, I realized after the fact that I looked like a farmer blending in with the various fruits and vegetables. It is what it is.

sweater: american apparel, shorts: levi's, shoes: converse


cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater

I'm not sure if the following statement is some weird, personal quirk, or a completely common, normal person thing. During my senior year of high school, after I decided where I would be spending the next 4 years of my life, I got rid of all my collegiate apparel from any other school. Owning apparel repping any other school felt like a betrayal, like I was cheating... on my school. After 3 years, I broke that rule and got this shirt while visiting my brother at his school. I'll just chalk it up as my way of showing support for my brother. Cause t-shirts speak louder than words.

tee: princeton bookstore, jeans: genetic denim, shoes: urban outfitters (similar)

inspired by: longer lengths

It's finalllly cooling down in LA and I can actually think about fall clothes without breaking out into a sweat.

Living in a warmer climate, naturally I need to amend my wardrobe as necessary during the transitional seasons. Retailers may be selling turtleneck sweaters, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be wearing them in October (the same cannot be said about PSL, I can drink those anytime, rain or shine... or heat wave.) It sounds basic but I am shocked time and time again with people who completely disregard the weather in their sartorial choices.

Stop trying to make fall happen.

My snark aside, to each her/ his own. You do you. All that jazz.

A trend I have been loving for the past couple of months, and one that can be easily worn this time of the year in LA, is anything with long layers. Long cardigans, long sweaters over long skirts, long coats, long vests. My personal favorite would have to be the long shirt dress. While I don't have the body or confidence to wear a normal dress over jeans, I love the concept of a maxi length shirt dress. Unbuttoned to allow a sliver of a pair of skinnies or a mini skirt to peek through, it's the perfect nonchalant, effortless look. Even this black silence + noise silky shirt dress I referenced in a previous post (...and ended up splurging on) might be a contestant for this ensemble.

Here's some pinterest inspiration for this style:

sources: Lee Oliveira, Vanessa Jackman, collage vintage, Stockholm streetstyle, ooh couture, who what wear, & pinterest


a few days in Mumbai

It seems that I will actually never get done with posting my photos from India. But the end is finally near! Mumbai, or Bombay, was the fourth and final destination for our trip-- although we had passed through their airport numerous time before we actually got to stay in the city.

Mumbai was unlike any other Indian city I had ever been to... not that I have been to many to begin with. It was way bigger and way more modern in comparison to Kolkata. We weren't there for very long so we mostly just toured around the southern part of the city as we were staying in Cuffe Parade. Still we visited a beautiful art gallery, a museum, a few different street markets, as well as one of the largest malls I had ever been to.

I'd love to visit Mumbai again cause I don't think I got the whole Mumbai experience. It was the last segment of the trip and after almost a month and 8 plane rides behind me, I was burned out. There are so many famous street markets (which if you read my blog, you know I love) in the city that I didn't get to explore. And sadly I didn't get to eat any traditional Maharashtrian cuisine.

We did spend a decent chunk of time at Colaba Causeway, as it was very close to our hotel. It's known as a market geared towards tourists, but I think that made it more convenient to find things we were interested in purchasing. Lately it's become trendy to reject the whole "tourist" persona, as something so amateurish it's practically blasphemous. I find it kinda silly, cause hey, if you're visiting a new place for a first time, of course you're going to want to experience first hand all the things you previously heard about, as overexposed as they may be.

So here are some photographs I took while I was busy being a full blown tourist.

garden party

Since I am such a terrible blogger (/procrastinator) I still have a bunch of photos from September, just chilling, unprocessed, in a folder on my laptop. My lags in blogging usually come from a) not having time to take photos or b) not having the patience to edit photos and compose posts. This time around it was definitely letter b. And with school having just started (yes, I started school in October #quartersystemproblems) it'll probably move into a combo of a + b. The struggle is real.

I wore this dress countless times over the summer cause it's so comfortable and so versatile. I haven't worn any denim skirts or dresses since the 6th grade, but it's hard to resist the magical food-baby-concealing powers of a flouncy, denim, smock dress. New and slightly unconventional takes on denim have been constantly cropping up, while at the same time online publishers relay that denim as a whole is going out of fashion. Personally I'm embracing expanding my denim horizons (and refusing to say goodbye to my skinnies anytime soon.)

denim smock dress: asos, lace up ballet flats: urban outfitters (similar), black hat: zara (similar)

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