with a bold lip

There's something about weddings that makes me want to croon "caaaaaan you feeeel the loooooove tonight?" Such an act would certainly clash with the resting bitch face pictured in the photo above. 

This was one of those "picked out under 10 min" outfits. I had initially planned on wearing a sari, but the morning of I realized what a dumb assumption that was. Obviously I was not coherent enough at 8 AM to put in the effort to painstakingly drape a long piece of cloth over my body. Or have my mom painstakingly drape a long piece of cloth over my body. Not to mention that I had to wear 2 more saris that weekend. Have I ever mentioned that Indian weddings are suuuper long? Cause they are. (When my parents got married, it was a one week long ordeal!) 

Rather than trying to find a nonexistent, comfortable dress in the dark corners of my closet, I stuck with something from my everyday wardrobe. The beauty of a simple black and white outfit is that it can pass for casual or formal. Heavy jewelry didn't really vibe with my look so, I went with a cheeky clutch and a bold lip to spice things up (I know, I'm a real party animal.) 

top: asos, skirt: zara (similar), shoes: kensie, clutch: urban outfitters (a similar splurge), lipstick: nars

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