currently craving: the shirt dress

In the past, shirt dresses haven't really been my thing. The cinched waist, thin belt, visible stitching, awkward length, and tacky buttons didn't vibe with me. At all. In addition they seemed a bit too formal for my personal aesthetic. Untamed hair and untied chucks don't mesh well with office wear (okay, they might if you're a model-- which I am not.)

But lately I've been seeing more and more shirt dresses of different silhouettes and they've sparked my interest. In particular, the loose, almost shapeless mini dress types have been on my shopping radar. Something akin to a men's shirt, but tailored for a woman's body. A dress in black, white, or denim color (because I live in a world of neutrals) falls perfectly into the transitional "wear now and later" category. Or really in the "what the hell, just wear it now" category cause one day it's 80 and the next it's 60. 
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from top to bottom, left to right: topshop, forever 21, monki via asos, urban outfitters


  1. I like to think that you read my mind - because the shirt dress is a trend that I have been LOVING lately.
    It's been so fun to see all of the inspiration on Pinterest, but yours definitely takes the cake!
    Thanks for providing such amazing content, and as always, thanks for visiting my little ol' blog. XOXO

  2. Love so much!! I've been on the hunt for a good shirt dress. I love that it's such a simple look, and so chic!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  3. Yes!!! You can't go wrong with a great button-down dress!!


  4. Oooh, with a leather jacket on top, I could see myself wearing this trend so easily...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Diggin the "what the hell-just wear it now" category.
    The Rag & Bone one is totally up my alley. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable when deciding to buy shirt dresses is the possibility of pit stains (if white) and the length. I guess some leathery leggings could easily fix that and make it cool...
    Loved this post!

  6. I've been craving the shirt dress as well. I think the shirt dress is a lot more my style because I'm not the "real dress" type. Especially since the shirt dress is very menswear inspired I definitely gravitate to it more. Also so glad you put together this mood board it certainly helps with the different options.

    Neon Fox

  7. I'm craving shirt dresses too. I have a few but it's not enough. I wouldn't mind to own them all. White, black and denim :D


  8. Yep, the dress shirt has evolved into more shapes that flatter more frames....I'm looking for one myself! :)

    - Che

  9. I love shirtdresses! I picked up a white one this summer, but I'd love to get more colors.

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. i love shirt dress its a great way for me to hide those extra lbs!!! hehehe love this neutral color you picked out!

    Delightful Ideas

  11. I love the plain white ones, this oversized look is great :)



  12. I love the shirt dress...especially the white one. Something so crisp, clean, and gorgeous about it. Buy it so you can style it on the blog:))! Rita @

  13. Love all of these classic looks a little too much. We're also just warming up to shirt dresses and these are the perfect ways to dip our toes into the trend. Thanks so much.

    xx 365hangers

  14. I'm on the same page, but have yet to find a shirt dress that doesn't just look silly on me. I might have to give that BDG UO white top a try though, it's so cute and I'd totally sleep in it if nothing else.

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins


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