herb-cheese stuffed squash blossoms

Technically I shouldn't even be blogging right now, cause I have a huge test next week. But since a miracle occurred and I managed to wake up early, I figured I'd treat myself to a whole 15 minutes worth of break time (which is dangerous since anything more than 5 and my attention span disappears.) So here's a recipe I tried out a few weeks ago.

Until recently, I had no idea that zucchini blossoms were found in cuisines outside of India! I had never seen them at the super market or at a restaurant. Since then I decided to try out this Italian recipe which calls for stuffing and battering the blossoms. My mom makes squash blossoms several times a week since it's easy to pick around a dozen of them a day in our little garden. I tried this recipe out to switch things up!

I used this stuffed blossom recipe from bon appetit magazine. Some notes:

  • I used green squash and zucchini blossoms.
  • Make sure you clean your blossoms! Remove the pistil on the inside, and the sepals from the outside (wow, all that plant anatomy crap I learned in HS bio finally has its use.)
  • I replaced 1 tablespoon of fresh mint with 3/4 tablespoon of dried italian herbs.
  • 2 inches of oil is a lot. I cut it down to less than half an inch, about enough to cover half a blossom. 
  • I had no idea where my mom's fancy schmancy cooking thermometer thing was, so I checked my oil the old fashioned way-- sticking the end of a wooden spoon in to see if it started sizzling. If it did, you're good to go!


  1. Wow this looks so good! That's awesome how you could pick those from your garden. So simple!

  2. This looks absolutely yummy my dear! I wish I could pick it from my garden!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and this recipe!

    Enjoy a great day xx Tamara Chloé

  3. I love those recipe posts from you. the photos are great and so are your instructions. and it was especially cool to see some bits of your garden. I would love to see the whole thing since gardening is something I quite enjoy :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. This looks so ridiculously healthy and delicious 0_o
    Lol and feed me. Obviously.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Wow, this looks delicious. I've never tried zucchini blossoms before, but this just might tempt me!


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