currently craving: internet impulses

I've apparently moved on from being a stress eater, to a stress online shopper. Problems of the 21st century. While I was tempted to stick to the end of summer sales, I've been fully sucked in by the "wear now and later" summer to fall campaigns.

Two items on my radar for the upcoming months are outerwear and necklaces. Ever since the beginning of the summer I've been loving longer hemlines on cardigans, vests, coats, really anything you can layer up with. Naturally a vest works as the ideal transitional piece in this category. Worn with a mini dress now, and with a button down and skinnies later.

And both outfits would go perfectly with the urban outfitters necklace that I've been dreaming of for so long ( go on sale.) Statement necklaces have made a strong comeback. But this time around instead of the heavy jewels and bright colors, it's more about layers of various metallic pieces. Dylanlex necklaces have always been on my impractical wish list, so I'm glad to see more affordable versions on the high street. And for something more subtle, there's always the option of layering daintier necklaces.

currently craving-- august 2014

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