from the airport

What do you do while waiting at the airport when you slept for 45 minutes the night before your flight? Obviously not sleep. Obviously making a blog post about random pinterest images is a much smarter idea.

So here are some things that have been inspiring me lately, and may or may not be in the assortment of photos: open toe booties, all white outfits, long and loose dresses, jumpsuits, and floppy hats.


  1. love the overalls and then the last image with the birkenstocks! super inspirational photos! xO!


  2. Ah all-white looks are so fresh and lovely, but I am so scared to try them out (spill-prone me + all white = horrid combo).

  3. Loving your pinterest inspiration Mili! I love the effortless feel of the 3rd outfit:)! Happy Summer Solstice girl:)!

  4. That sounds like the best thing to do at the airport! These are such great inspirational looks! Am I following you on Pinterest? I'm going to make sure I am :) And if I'm not, I will be!

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  5. i'm lucky enough to be one of those people who can pretty much sleep anywhere. hope you manage to catch up on the zzzs in flight! i can totally see you in some of these, the all white combo is perfect! safe travels :)

    steph /


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