and, pause

Aaaand the guilt of neglecting my blog even if absolutely nobody reads it is back. I never really meant to let it get this bad, but the last week of classes and this week of finals have just caught up with me. In all honesty I did try to shoot an outfit post over the weekend but the pictures didn't come out to my liking. Instead of tormenting myself over the gen y problem, to post or not to post, I'd rather just re-shoot since I really liked the outfit. Anyways, I hope if you're reading this you're having a better time that I am (and hopefully getting some sun.) See ya on the other side! 


  1. Good luck with your Finals! I've got exams too, so I probably shouldn't be commenting on this, I should finish my break and get back to revising, but oh well! Just five more minutes.... x

  2. Good luck with all your school work!! See ya soon!

  3. I definitely get what you're saying here. but my situation is like that: I have (almost) hundreds of things to post about but my time to actually do it is very limited. work work work, you know. and a thunderstorm on Monday stole our internet, phone and tv channels for three (!!!) long days. so yeah, what a joy have those times been, haha.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Girl, don't even worry, finals/dead week is always super crazy. Good luck with finishing off the school year, hope to see you back blogging soon!

  5. I hope the hectic time of finals + everything else is getting better! I've re-shot many outfits due to not liking the photos :) The life of a fashion blogger...

  6. I feel you! I'm dealing with exams and whatnot and it's so tiring. I'll be waiting til you come back.
    mortem blonde


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