Rather than try to import my photos from my camera to ipad and somehow edit them, I figured I would post some Instagram photos along the way-- then deal with the photos I'm taking with my actual camera when I'm back home.

We've finally been in Kolkata for a day, and it's a type of heat like no other. If you didn't know, Kolkata is located near the Bay of Bengal. It's crazy humid, especially in the summers. For instance right now it's around 90 degrees, but with the humidity it makes it feel like it's over 110 degrees!! The day we landed the humidity was at a whopping 98%!

Just getting here took around 24 hours. We left our house in New Jersey around 3 pm on the 26th and arrived in Kolkata around 4 am on the 28th. We had a stopover in Brussels, and while I'm bummed we didn't get to explore the city for a day, I was excited to find that they sell Belgian chocolates at the airport!

So here are some pictures from the journey here, and from my first day in Kolkata. I was planning on posting it earlier, but I was so pooped from traveling and jet lag that I fell asleep in my clothes as soon as we got in yesterday.

I'll be posting more frequently on my Instagram: @sharmtoaster. Till next time! 

back east

dress: monki via asos, bag: cambridge satchel company, shoes: birkenstocks

Well hello there, people of the blogosphere. It's been yet another week since I've blogged last. I'll place the blame for that on my laptop, which suddenly broke while I was on a stopover in Austin last week.  Actually, right after I posted my last blogpost. 

Since then, I've dropped my laptop off at the Apple store and sadly have not gotten it back yet. Instead I've been using my dad's laptop for the time being, and holy crap, I hate windows 8. There aren't enough words to describe my dislike of this thing. Accidentally opening up the dashboard looking thing and the never ending list of pointless apps is inevitable, and half the time when I try to scroll I lose my desktop. Basically, it's the absolute worst. 

As I'm leaving for India later today, my posting schedule for the next month is up in the air. But before I leave here's a post from 'Merica. NYC to be specific. It's crazy to think that this was the first time I was there in 6 months-- as I always squeeze in a trip when I'm home. The day was spent walking around downtown, from Soho to Chinatown. As many times I've been to the city, there are so many areas that I've never ventured into. Or that I've never ventured into at an age I could remember it by.

While I haven't gotten around to editing all the photos... here are some that I took throughout the day. Oh, and thanks to my friend for taking the photo of me (as seen above) near the Brooklyn Bridge.

(This first one is of black sugar milk tea, which I tried on a whim-- and it's so tasty! If you ever see it, try it. Its taste is pretty unique)

from the airport

What do you do while waiting at the airport when you slept for 45 minutes the night before your flight? Obviously not sleep. Obviously making a blog post about random pinterest images is a much smarter idea.

So here are some things that have been inspiring me lately, and may or may not be in the assortment of photos: open toe booties, all white outfits, long and loose dresses, jumpsuits, and floppy hats.

kinda sorta not really

tank: theory, shorts: urban outfitters, cardigan: urban outfitters, sandals: free people

So I'm kinda, sorta, not really back. While I am done with finals, hallelujah, I still have an exam to go. Let's just say it's like taking the SATs over again... but worse.

To the outfit at hand, I'd say it fits my usual modus operandi. I've been digging the whole long coat/ cardigan thing that seems to come around every festival season. Luckily I still have some kaftans buried somewhere in my closet at home from previous summers. Till then, this one I bought from urban a few weeks ago has been my go to. Stylish, and practical so that I'm not too cold in the library and not to hot outdoors.

P.s thanks for everyone's well wishes from the last post! If you happen to have exams too, good luck!

and, pause

Aaaand the guilt of neglecting my blog even if absolutely nobody reads it is back. I never really meant to let it get this bad, but the last week of classes and this week of finals have just caught up with me. In all honesty I did try to shoot an outfit post over the weekend but the pictures didn't come out to my liking. Instead of tormenting myself over the gen y problem, to post or not to post, I'd rather just re-shoot since I really liked the outfit. Anyways, I hope if you're reading this you're having a better time that I am (and hopefully getting some sun.) See ya on the other side! 


pants: forever 21, crop top: asos, shoes: free people

Sooo these pants. Admittedly they're not something I could ever see myself wearing. Colorful scarf print palazzo pants on a girl who's barely scraping 5 ft 1 and wears black 5 out of 7 days of the week? I had been on and off about purchasing them for a while. A review on the forever 21 site invoked an image of Nina Garcia perched on her Project Runway chair critiquing how no woman wants a pair of fire crotched pants. In the end this didn't deter me and I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. The rayon and palazzo shape make it perfect for hot summer days... when you forgot to shave.

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