paint strokes

 skirt: h&m, crop top: asos, sandals: free people

This skirt and I had one of those love at first sight moments. A few minutes after seeing it on the "recently added" section on H&M, I had already completed checking out. At first it reminded me of the popular Tibi paint splatter skirt from last year. Then by the time I caught up on the onslaught of PFW street style shots, I saw this as an almost-monochromatic poor (wo)man's version of the Celine paint splatter skirt.  

Still, this skirt has been hiding out in my closet for 2 months, for no reason whatsoever. Then the other day, the morning of an exam, I quickly put on this outfit. I know some people don't see the point in "dressing up" for exams, which I completely understand. But when I dress poorly I feel self conscious and uncomfortable, conversely putting on an outfit I happen to love brightens up my spirits. Plus, when trying to maximize pre-exam cramming, I want to spend as little time as possible thinking about what I'm going to wear-- so this outfit that I've had in mind forever was perfect.

I'm glad this week is done and exams are over for the time being. Happy weekend!

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