dress: forever 21, neckerchief: urban outfitters, sandals: steve madden

I would apologize for being a terrible blogger... but I feel as if that would imply that I plan on doing something to remedy the situation. And in all honesty, I'm probably not for a while. It's the last two weeks of school, then I've got finals, then an exam that determines whether I get to continue onto grad school or not, and finally I'm off to India for about a month. But even so, I'm not going to be completely absent-- after all, blogging is an effective stress reliever. 

And it's thanks to blogging that I've been inspired to go neckerchiefin'. Yupp, I just created a new verb, guys. The only people I've really seen going neckerchiefin' are bloggers...and the boy scouts of America. Oh yeah, and those gondola guides, like this guy in the background of this Stromae video (side note, listen to tous les memes; it's my current jam.) I usually gravitate away from any sort of dainty neck accessory cause a) my hair is massive and will likely hide it, especially in photos, at least 50% of the time and b) I'm self conscious of my shoulders. Alas, this is another case of the bloggers-made-me-do-it. 

butterscotch + chocolate + coconut pops

There's been an on and off heatwave in southern California over the past few weeks, and I am just not feeling it. It has lead to me having strong urges to freeze everything into popsicles. Pudding, coffee, lemonade... you name it, I'll freeze it.

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washed out

overalls: american eagle, shirt: madewell, jacket: forever 21, shoes: birkenstock

Since I am not in the state of mind to try and write out cohesive sentences (it's midterm season), here's a bunch of random bullet points:

  • These overalls are my favorites. I wear em at least once a week.
  • It's horribly hot this week, I'm talking over 100 degrees. And just looking at this jacket that I wore last week makes me feel sweaty.
  • Why is it so hot?
  • Damn global warming.
  • My blogging habits are horrible. Even though I have a few outfits that I've shot...I can't find the time to sit and edit and post.
  • Hope you have a happy weekend!

saag paneer recipe

And here's yet another Indian restaurant favorite, well one of my favorites. Saag paneer. If we're being honest, just about any dish with paneer is favorable to me.

The reason saag paneer is so epically delicious at the restaurant is due to the immense amounts of cream poured into the dish. Does it taste absolutely heavenly? Yes. But is it any good for you? No. Thankfully, there's yogurt (aka New York's potential official state snack.) And yogurt works as a wonderful and healthy substitute to make this saag paneer dish.

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(P.S Happy mother's day!!)

the IT accessory

coat: h&m, tank: zara, denim: free people, sandals: mel by melissa

That's right ladies and gentlemen, this season's IT accessory is... a book! And not those Kate Spade or Charlotte Le-Tan clutch things. I'm talking about the real deal, you know the thing composed of bound pages of paper filled with words. While I'm all about the digital age, there is something gratifying about flipping through the pages of a book.

The book of choosing is Language Shock: Understanding the Culture of Conversation. It was an assigned reading for my lower division linguistic anthropology class. The information is a bit obvious, but forms the basis for a good introduction to linguistic anthropology. It reads easily and you don't have to any sort of background in anthropology or linguistics to understand it.

Actually, I happen to like the class a lot more than I had expected to. It's fascinating dissecting the assumptions of gender, race, socioeconomic class, etc. we make from the way people communicate, beyond just their words. Some of our judgments seem like second nature and trivial but significantly impact various realms, such as the American education system. Did you know that from a period spanning from the reconstruction era to the 1970s, sign language was viewed as an inferior method of communication? By 1920, it was forbidden in 80% of schools for the deaf. And all this stemmed from a belligerent form of patriotism which feared and suppressed anything which was seen as a threat to a homogenized, or rather "united," nation. Apparently one language equals one nation.

Okay, now my nerdy rant is over.

Onto something relevant to this outfit, these white jeans and my white denim overalls have been on constant rotation. I guess I've embraced the white denim for warmer weather thing.

carne asada fries

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I figured I would share one of my favorite Southern Californian Mexican-inspired dishes, carne asada fries. I'm not sure if a dish with fries and beef could ever be considered healthy, but I tried my best to make it healthier.

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paint strokes

 skirt: h&m, crop top: asos, sandals: free people

This skirt and I had one of those love at first sight moments. A few minutes after seeing it on the "recently added" section on H&M, I had already completed checking out. At first it reminded me of the popular Tibi paint splatter skirt from last year. Then by the time I caught up on the onslaught of PFW street style shots, I saw this as an almost-monochromatic poor (wo)man's version of the Celine paint splatter skirt.  

Still, this skirt has been hiding out in my closet for 2 months, for no reason whatsoever. Then the other day, the morning of an exam, I quickly put on this outfit. I know some people don't see the point in "dressing up" for exams, which I completely understand. But when I dress poorly I feel self conscious and uncomfortable, conversely putting on an outfit I happen to love brightens up my spirits. Plus, when trying to maximize pre-exam cramming, I want to spend as little time as possible thinking about what I'm going to wear-- so this outfit that I've had in mind forever was perfect.

I'm glad this week is done and exams are over for the time being. Happy weekend!

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