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sweater: zara, jeans: free people, also sold here, sandals: birkenstocks

The odds were really out against these white jeans.
1) Wearing white jeans gives me cottage cheese legs. (Incredibly unflattering)
2) Jeans with two lone holes at the knees rarely match up with where my knees actually are-- a common struggle for the vertically challenged.
3) Free people jeans usually fit me awfully.
Despite these factors, I decided to bring these jeans into the fitting room with me, and boy am I glad. I could have never believed they would fit, but they do! And with the frayed hem and busted knees, they're pretty much perfect for the spring/ summer season. Outfits with a plaid shirt, with a black top, with booties, with strappy sandals, with a floppy hat, the list of possibilities never ends. 

P.s happy national siblings day!! Here's a shout-out to my little brother... who is not so little and now taller than me. 


  1. Love the white and touch of blue, it works well on you!
    Also adorable old photo of you and your brother :)
    So cute x

  2. I have yet to find a perfect pair of white jeans/pants, but I dig the ones that you have on the fit is really nice. I'm also loving the all white look in which I have yet to achieve. And super adorable picture of you & your brother, reminds me of those times with my little sister.

    Neon Fox

  3. Hi Milli, you make all white look uber cool, I miss my pair of Birkenstocks, your reminds me I need to get a new one. I can really picture the bell sleeved dress on you. I am thankful for your comment. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You do not have cottage cheese legs at all!! I think this whole outfit is really cute! All white looks so fresh! The holes for the knees never line up for me either!

  5. Love love the outft! So rare to see the whole white outfit and you pulled it off beautifully - you dont have cottage cheese legs, you have lovely legs :)

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  6. AWW that picture with your brother is so cute. Tell me he always walked around in that costume. and i really like those jeans- though i feel your pain on the cottage cheese legs haha, those are the woooorst

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. I'm usually not a fan of white bottoms (jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, anything) but I'm actually liking these! You go.
    Mortem Blonde

  8. Love this outfit, especially your Birkenstocks! I need a pair in my life xx

  9. I'm glad these kind of shoes are trendy, are the comfy as ever. last picture is so cute.

    Happy weekend :).

  10. Nice look, and the shoes are so trendy!

    The Cutielicious

  11. I love the pop of blue that hat gives your all white look!

  12. Love those white Jeans
    -Coco Bates

  13. Hi dear! As usual, you look great! Happy Monday. :)

    I AM ALSO ON: Instagram @kennydaily, Bloglovin and Facebook (i follow back, just let me know your links)

    What Kenny Hearts a Lifestyle Blog

  14. Very nice. Love your sunglasses, in fact the entire outfit. And the picture is so cute!!!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  15. I love your Birkenstocks!! This is such a ladiback cool look. Love it xo

    I have a new post, btw! It`s called "FANCY"

    ROUGH & TOUGH | I`m on Bloglovin!

  16. Nice cool outfit!! and the attitude with which you are carrying it is amazing...lovely pictures!

  17. isn't this just the cutest pic of you two! also, i need to get some white jeans, they look great on! actually love everything about this outfit, right down to that cap.. x

    steph /

  18. Very cute look.You can never have enough pairs of white jeans.


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