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I've been a pretty inconsistent blogger lately. While perusing my archives, cause I'm vain like that, I realized how much more active I was on the blogosphere a year ago. Even though I'm not a professional blogger and this is just a mere hobby, there's residual guilt for neglecting my blog. I want to get back to being a consistent blogger. And now is as good a time as any. As people I think we continuously are on the search for excuses to justify new beginnings-- a new year, a new season, a new school year, a new job, etc. etc. But to hell with that, I'm starting fresh just because.

I was tempted to title this post "weekend warrior," or some random crap like that, because alliterations heavily appeal to me. A more appropriate title would be something along the lines of "weekly thoughts," hopefully the first of many.

I've been wanting with these Aquazzura flats for the longest time. And when I say wanting, I mean gazing longingly at them and acknowledging that they will never be mine unless a) I win the lottery b) miraculously manage to find them heavily discounted at Barney's warehouse. These Steve Madden flats form option c) buying a significantly cheaper rip-off of the shoe, made by the king of dupes (...and fraud). As soon as a coupon code comes around, I plan on snatching these up! Or contemplate snatching them up, as Steve Madden shoes aren't always so comfortable.
left: aquazzura, right: steve madden

GAME OF THRONES: I am ready for you... even if I barely remembered what happened last season since it aired about 10 bajillion years ago. I have flashes of Khaleesi with her dragons, the red witch birthing her demon spawn, and sadly the red wedding.

For a pretty solid refresher click here. Oh and you can watch this "trailer" on the first 3 seasons for some laughs.

How I Met Your Mother: Discussing the finale angers me. All I can say is that I wish the last few minutes didn't happen. Also, the regression of Barney as a character broke my heart. Legend... wait for it... dary it was not.

Were you aware that shortalls were a thing? Cause I was not. I just called them overall shorts.

I don't want to say that overalls have made a comeback, because the overall phenomenon of 2011 didn't completely die out. However, I would say that there's been a recent spike in overall popularity over the first few months of 2014.

I don't hate them, but I don't love them either. They're....interesting. I've been looking for a shorts version as I think they're more flattering, and are easier to style. Thankfully, their rise in popularity means there are way more options to choose from!
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  1. I know how you feel. My blog is also just a hobby, but if/when I disappear for a while, I always feel badly about it!!

    I'm still on the fence about overalls, but they look so cute in that model image. I feel like once I see people wearing them, I'll totally want a pair.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  2. I'm so excited for Game of Thrones, but sadly I don't have HBO so I'll have to figure out a way to watch it! Ugh, How I Met Your Mother. I was so excited to see the end, but now I'm disappointed too. Those cut-out flats are really cool!!

  3. I actually don't watch either of those shows but I understand your excitement/frustration. As for the shoes, I'm loving the Aquazzuras...They just look more elegant -- I think it's the slightly thicker heel and brown lining.
    I'm nervous to try out the overall shorts (did not know they were called shortalls) but I remember loving them when I was younger so maybe I should just invest in a pair? If you do, keep us posted! (Also, thanks for linking to a bunch of options!)

  4. Sometimes it is really hard to stay consistent with blogging! There are other things to do, and you can't spend all your time in front of the computer screen. I love both of those shoes you highlighted, too!

  5. okay, seriously, you're fantastic. this entire entry-- hysterical (because it's totally true)
    every time that i don't put up a post i get blogger's guilt-- i'm glad i'm not the only one who feels it!! bahaha
    & thank god there are other people out there like me who basically lust over ridiculously priced items. i no longer feel alone and crazy haha!
    do the shoes! just buy the steves (& hide your face in shame whenever people ask if they're real; i do that with my valentino knockoffs baahahah)
    also, no idea they were called shortalls. but yeap, total sucker for the regular ones [i say in absolutely shame]. i blame the girl who paired them adorably with ferragamos and a cardigan and looked amazing. but, really, how could they not look wonderful next to those beauties? haha!
    hope to keep in touch!
    xx Corinne

  6. Agreed, I think the way they handled the HIMYM finale was terrible. They spent so much time developing Barney's progress from womanizing lecher to a decent guy only to completely undo it. UGH.
    Anyway, shortalls are something that intrigue me. I agree, they certainly seem easier to style up, and I'd love to give them a try. Just to see...haha

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Aw you definitely should start blogging regularly again, I loved reading your post and would love to see more! Also, those flats are gorgeous and you should for sure buy the Steve Madden (budget-friendly) versions :) I can see those being the perfect footwear for the late spring and summer!

    In terms of the Game of Thrones season premiere, I'm glad to say that I loved it and that I actually remembered the majority of the characters (AND their names) as I caught up with the last season late by streaming it online. Also, I haven't watched HIMYM in ages but I'm sad to hear that you didn't like the finale. It always sucks when a show that you've loved forever has a bad ending-- kinda like the sci-fi thriller show Fringe (and also Lost) for me :(

    xx Debbie

  8. GOT! Yes it's back! What did you think of the ep? I loved the ending with Arya! And I'm with you re the overall thang. I am not it's biggest fan. Unless you're wafer thin and taller than ever then you don't quite pull em off like they can!


  9. mmm those shortalls are not my thing I guess but I did find a skirt version of the same thing from a thrift shop and didn't buy it. now I feel that I must go and see if it's still there and get it if I can. anyway, those shoes are pretty sweet too and I hope you will get your pair soon because I'm already curious to see how you would wear them ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. love love love those flats and obviously those shortalls. can't get enough!

    Lady à la Mode

  11. I think that the overall shorts are pretty cute. I actually picked up a pair of overalls this weekend from Kate Spade. I'm trying to decide if I love them or if the sales person was super persuasive, haha. We'll see how it goes!

  12. OMG i'm not sure how I feel about the HIMYM finale either! But I watched GoT soon after and was okay again.

    Wow those Steve Maddens really look a lot like the Aquazurra ones. Quite honestly though, with my "consumption habits" in mind I'd probably go for the SM pair and save some $ even if I could afford the Aquazurras. It's only a matter of time until I meet the next must have.

    steph /

  13. I have some like number 4 and love them. Comfy and easy to just throw on!

    X. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  14. ha! god bless you for rocking the jacket! haha <3


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