red lips

top: h&m, cardigan: madewell, shorts: free people, pouch: urban outfitters, sandals: birkenstock

When I bought my cyclops pouch, I also snagged this little lip pouch for kicks. It isn't as spacious as the other, and the lips motif isn't really anything groundbreaking, but alas it's still cute and cheeky, wouldn't ya say? Now the blouse, was love at first sight. There's something very Isabel Marant about it that I couldn't resist, but at a H&M price point. I've gotten bit by some sort of bohemian bug because after spending weeks in head to toe black looks, I'm all about swishy skirts, floaty blouses, and sandals (although I need to purchase some of those.) It might seem like my change is due to the warm welcoming of spring-- but living in a subtropical climate, it's been a shift from like 70 degrees to 75 degrees. Dramatic, I know.

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