got my eye on you

clutch + shorts: urban outfitters, top: colorfast apparel, shoes: birkenstock

A lone eye conjures up a few different thoughts for me-- the eye of Sauron, cyclops, the evil eye, and cute little minions. When it comes to fashion, I automatically equate eyes to Kenzo. But as gorgeous as the pieces produced by the French luxury house are (I have dreams about this tote), they're also in a whole different universe from my budget. When I saw this street style snap on the NY Times instagram, I assumed the clutch was probably some rando brand that I've never heard of but sold leather goods for hundreds of dollars, as is usually the case when it comes to street style spotting for me. Lo and behold the clutch happened to be from urban outfitters. And for a very reasonable $5, I too was able to have an eye accessory in my life. 

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