not-so-spring break

coat: h&m, turtleneck: uniqlo, slouchy, high-waisted pants: h&m, shoes: gap (similar: here or here)

I'm back in Jersey for spring break, and it is freaking cold. One thing I can be thankful for is that it didn't snow! But that doesn't mean it wasn't cold enough for some. Thanks to the freezing temperatures, my ankles were cold while taking these pictures. During the day it's fine because they're exposed to the harsh outdoors for all of 2 minutes (the walk from the car door to the front door), but while taking these blog photos-- that's when the hard times hit. To the bloggers who manage to not only wear, but take spring outfit photos with bare legs and/or arms outdoors during such weather on the daily, you go, Glen Coco. 

I've been wearing these slip ons a lot over the past few weeks. Rolling out of bed, brushing my teeth, getting dressed in a white or black top, some shorts or boyfriend jeans, and the slip ons, then heading out the door has been my routine. Voila, all done. But alas, I needed a more winter friendly version of this look. So I swapped in some slouchy black pants, upgraded to a warm turtleneck, and threw on a maroon court. If you remember the Studio Nicholson aw13 collection which was super popular on blogs and pinterest alike, then you'll know exactly where I got my inspo for this outfit. If you don't, you can get a solid idea of it here

zoom zoom

shirt: forever 21, skirt: mango, jacket: j. crew factory, socks: target, sneakers: nike

Considering my unhealthy aversion to exercise, it's a shocker that I actually ran in these sneakers-- even though said running was more out of fear of being late to a final, than for the sake of physical fitness. I'll say my "sporty" look helped tone down the awkwardness of my running, but I'd be delusional to truly believe that. It wasn't even actual, full-on running, but more of that weird speed walking-like jog, the one you do when you're carrying a bag and holding notes and don't want to break out in a sprint. Or maybe you don't do it, and it's just awkward, ol' me. 

red lips

top: h&m, cardigan: madewell, shorts: free people, pouch: urban outfitters, sandals: birkenstock

When I bought my cyclops pouch, I also snagged this little lip pouch for kicks. It isn't as spacious as the other, and the lips motif isn't really anything groundbreaking, but alas it's still cute and cheeky, wouldn't ya say? Now the blouse, was love at first sight. There's something very Isabel Marant about it that I couldn't resist, but at a H&M price point. I've gotten bit by some sort of bohemian bug because after spending weeks in head to toe black looks, I'm all about swishy skirts, floaty blouses, and sandals (although I need to purchase some of those.) It might seem like my change is due to the warm welcoming of spring-- but living in a subtropical climate, it's been a shift from like 70 degrees to 75 degrees. Dramatic, I know.

debbie thornberry

dress + peasant top: urban outfitters, shoes: birkenstock

It was ridiculously hot this weekend, so slip on sandals and clothes that breath were crucial for enjoying the weather. There's nothing comfortable about gazing up at clear skies and never-ending sunshine while sweating and panting away. Along with the theme of "Let the Sunshine In," I let free my inner hippie.... sartorially. I definitely don't have it in my to embody the free-living souls of the 60s, or really of any generation. 

Completely unrelated, random, life tid-bit: last week in my life sciences class, we completed a mtDNA sequencing lab (mtDNA= mitochondrial DNA; to read more about what this is, how it works, why it's preferred over nuclear DNA, etc. click here). According to the current database, I was linked to people of Japanese and Finnish descent, and belong to haplogroup W. After doing some research I learned that some Northern Indians belong to the W haplogroup, so personal paradigm shift avoided. In addition, I learned only about 1-2% of the world's population belongs to haplogroup W, so I felt like a pretty unique snowflake. 

got my eye on you

clutch + shorts: urban outfitters, top: colorfast apparel, shoes: birkenstock

A lone eye conjures up a few different thoughts for me-- the eye of Sauron, cyclops, the evil eye, and cute little minions. When it comes to fashion, I automatically equate eyes to Kenzo. But as gorgeous as the pieces produced by the French luxury house are (I have dreams about this tote), they're also in a whole different universe from my budget. When I saw this street style snap on the NY Times instagram, I assumed the clutch was probably some rando brand that I've never heard of but sold leather goods for hundreds of dollars, as is usually the case when it comes to street style spotting for me. Lo and behold the clutch happened to be from urban outfitters. And for a very reasonable $5, I too was able to have an eye accessory in my life. 


coat: h&m, t-shirt: free people, jeans: 7 for all mankind, boots: zara, beanie: american apparel

The Friday before last, it was the rainiest day LA had seen in 3 years. I'm talking flipped umbrellas, massive puddles, lightning and thunder, the whole nine yards. Although it wasn't rainy during the day Saturday, it was actually cold enough for me to wear this faux sheepskin coat I bought. Unbeknownst (thoroughly shocked that's actually a word) to me at the time of purchase, shearling coats seem to be trending for fall 2014. It's an odd, bulky looking shape, but it caught my eye nevertheless. I think one of the best lessons I've learned from blogging is that there's more to style than trying to make yourself look as skinny and tall as possible.

firetruck red

dress: urban outfitters, jacket: h&m, boots: zara

Looking at my blog, you wouldn't be able to tell that I've been wanting to work more color into my wardrobe. I'm still all about the neutral palette, but some bursts of color would be nice. Bright reds, rich burgundies, light blues, and deep greens have all been on my radar. This red t-shirt dress had been hiding at the bottom of my hamper, but after finally doing my laundry I was able to quickly throw it on for a simple, no-brainer outfit. 

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