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maxi: forever 21, chambray: urban outfitters, vest: zara, shoes: birkenstock, bracelets: kate spade, bcgeneration, & bloomingdale's, sunglasses: ray-ban

I'm definitely not one foreign to an all black ensemble, in fact I would say it's a look I embrace weekly. Black in the fashion sphere may conjure words such as classic, slimming, or minimalistic. But in the context of literature the connotations are more sinister, veering towards a dark unknown. I'm a bit ashamed to say as a college student who has taken a fair amount of classes concerning culture, symbolism, and the likes, my mind never wandered towards the latter. But something about this outfit just seemed sinister. I think it was the long sweeping maxi which reminded me of a witch's robes, swishing as I walked. (Witchcraft has always fascinated me, everything from Arthurian legends to Harry Potter to the Salem witch trials) Double, double toil and trouble...

Speaking of witches, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about the latest season of American Horror Story. While I watched the first season, the second spooked me so much I had to stop watching half way through. Any recs on whether the current season is worth a watch/  how scary it is? I should note I am a pretty big wimp when it comes to the horror genre in general. 


  1. I didn't think this last season was very scary... but it had a few gross moments!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. i love the pop of color with all black! a perfect touch


  3. You look amazing! Love this outfit.

  4. awesome maxi! i had similar outfit some months ago :)
    amazing photos sweety!

    anecia & roses ♥ blog

  5. I really like this outfit! Total black is just great. As for American Horror Story, if you are into witchcraft and all that (personally, I LOVE it, even included the salem trials on my senior year essay) then I definitely recommend it. It's fun. A bit gory, but fun. Truth be told, whenever got gross I just closed my eyes and the carried on. You should totally check it out.
    Bian, Mortem Blonde

  6. In love with this outfit! Black is always chic and one of my favorite event in history is the Salem witch trials! Loved reading about it in The Crucible :)

  7. I started watching it (Am. horror story) but the quit as I got into watching The Borgias instead. I'll probably carry on once I see all the seasons of Borgias.

  8. Nothing wrong with all black - it's classic and chic! That said, black really does evoke sadness and the unknown. I like to just think of it as a "mysterious" color and call it a day haha.

    I just can't get into American Horror Story but hearing everyone raving about the latest season I may just have to give it another chance.

    Gorgeous outfit - you look the very picture of "California Cool" and I love it! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. You pull off the all-black look very well. I especially love the little bit of layering you threw in there. :D


  10. Wow!!!!!! I love this outfit so much, I cannot say how much! Wow! SImply wow! Love the way yoyu have tied the denim shirt. Love it.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  11. Oooh, I'm loving the mixed layers and darkness of this outfit :)
    Haha, witchtastic!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Stunning look, and such a nice way of layering.

  13. I am so loving this outfit! The black dress looks so good on you & I like how you tied that shirt around your waist! Looks so great! :)

  14. I also stopped watching it because my fiance didn't like it and I obviously didn't want to watch it alone, haha. so now I ignore the show and know nothing about it. but I do like your outfit! it's a bit dark, yes but I love the golden details and the pop of blue! so the overall impression is not sinister at all in my opinion.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  15. That black maxi is so nice with the chambray shirt tied around the waist :)

    Away From Blue

  16. I love how you write on your posts! Not to mention your fab styling too! Instantly followed you on Bloglovin', Google+, and Tumblr. Hope you'll do the same! <3

    ♡, Didi of Frances and Flair

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  17. I remember I was so obsessed with all things dark when I was younger, I would tell people that at a certain time, I became a witch (I was going through phase 1 of HP mania)...I would even check out books from the library that were titled something like "How To Be a Wizard" and such because I was so determined.

    Your new age witchy outfit is gorgeous. I love the way you wore a vest and also tied the chambray around your waist. The explicit layers are great.


  18. simply stunning! love how you styled this look! xx

    thanks for passing by:

  19. I like the black vest of the black maxi! I really enjoyed the first season of AHS, but couldn't stomach the second. Too weird and freaky. While I missed a few episodes of the current season due to school, I liked it a lot more. It was more fun and humorous than scary. There were some parts relating to slavery and the things this slave owner did to her slaves that were really gross, but for the most part that was in the beginning of the season.
    Sincerely, Sara

  20. Love the layering of the black vest over the maxi skirt. So cute!

  21. So much love for this outfit. I really like the all black and I think the fact that you have bare arms and your toes out really helps to break it out. All black from your wrists up to your neck, whole body and straight down to your toes can be a bit overwhelming I find but this totally works. Also, I'm majorly loving your Birks.

    Haven't seen AHS yet but I really recommend The Bridge (the danish/swedish version). Just finished season 1 and it was insanely good.


  22. gah i want this whole outfit on my body right now! you are the BEST at making these minimalist all dark outfits. i love how you tied the chambray shirt around your waist to add in a pop of color- that was my favorite part. also, i'm a total wimp too but the coven season was AMAZING. just watch it, you'll get so, so hooked.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  23. Absolutely stunning! And I'm right there with you, I am a total scaredy cat when it comes to scary movies / tv shows :)
    xo TJ

  24. You look fab - whenever you are also looks beautiful - new follower! You have a great blog and can't wait to read the post below this :P as it looks like NYFW

    Have a lovely weekend xxx

    Florals & Corals

  25. totally agree, i do the same when I see black outfits, always mentally analysing it and linking it with an emotion.
    anyway, great outfit, love the styling!


    ♥ Ellen
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  27. Love this look! The denim jacket tied around the waist makes all the difference!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog! :)

  28. love that you've broken up this all black look a bit. you look fab here!

    steph /


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