witch hunt

maxi: forever 21, chambray: urban outfitters, vest: zara, shoes: birkenstock, bracelets: kate spade, bcgeneration, & bloomingdale's, sunglasses: ray-ban

I'm definitely not one foreign to an all black ensemble, in fact I would say it's a look I embrace weekly. Black in the fashion sphere may conjure words such as classic, slimming, or minimalistic. But in the context of literature the connotations are more sinister, veering towards a dark unknown. I'm a bit ashamed to say as a college student who has taken a fair amount of classes concerning culture, symbolism, and the likes, my mind never wandered towards the latter. But something about this outfit just seemed sinister. I think it was the long sweeping maxi which reminded me of a witch's robes, swishing as I walked. (Witchcraft has always fascinated me, everything from Arthurian legends to Harry Potter to the Salem witch trials) Double, double toil and trouble...

Speaking of witches, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about the latest season of American Horror Story. While I watched the first season, the second spooked me so much I had to stop watching half way through. Any recs on whether the current season is worth a watch/  how scary it is? I should note I am a pretty big wimp when it comes to the horror genre in general. 

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