night of the blogging dead

sweater: h&m, skirt: peter pilotto for target, tights: h&m, booties: zara

So this was my first time actually buying a piece from a target designer collaboration. While I'm usually gaga over the lookbooks of the collections, the pieces in real life are lackluster. But for once, I'm happy to say the newest installation did not disappoint. The fact that the color palette on many of the pieces were relatively simple helped. I can't say no to black and white, and the dual prints adds a nice twist to my fav lack of color combination. 

P.s. Hello from the blogging dead.

OH! And I dissected a rat today in lab. It was pretty awesome. (As is my extensive vocabulary)

total goner

sweater: h&m, denim: urban outfitters, shoes: birkenstocks

Some people would probably have ditched these jeans after they got eaten up by the dryer. But hey, I like the wash, I like the fit, I like the minimal paint splatters, I even like the gaping holes at the knees-- they can be chalked up to character (cause denim jeans are now living organisms, duh.) I've become pretty redundant over my past few posts so this is how the story goes: it's been cold, I've been lazy, so this is what I wore. The end.

over-grown toddler

romper + cardigan: urban outfitters, sandals: birkenstock

However many years that rompers have been popular, I've never bothered purchasing one. And my list for reasons why is never-ending. For a more comfortable and stylish look, a matching two piece ensemble would be a perfectly suitable alternative. Then for whatever reason I decided to purchase this romper. It's not the epitome of fashuun, but is it comfortable without being too heinous? Yes. Does it bare resemblance to toddler pajamas? An awkward school-mandated gym uniform? A retro men's bathing suit? Yes to all three. Paired with what some might call the ugliest of shoes, I was ready to conquer my morning classes. Even so, I admit to digging the whole ugly/lazy/whatever aesthetic.  

So I'll just say I'm embracing my inner southern Californian with this lazy bohemian look. Now all I need is some green juice and gluten-free-vegan-no-sugar health food. JK, I don't think I could give up animal fries. Mmmm.

witch hunt

maxi: forever 21, chambray: urban outfitters, vest: zara, shoes: birkenstock, bracelets: kate spade, bcgeneration, & bloomingdale's, sunglasses: ray-ban

I'm definitely not one foreign to an all black ensemble, in fact I would say it's a look I embrace weekly. Black in the fashion sphere may conjure words such as classic, slimming, or minimalistic. But in the context of literature the connotations are more sinister, veering towards a dark unknown. I'm a bit ashamed to say as a college student who has taken a fair amount of classes concerning culture, symbolism, and the likes, my mind never wandered towards the latter. But something about this outfit just seemed sinister. I think it was the long sweeping maxi which reminded me of a witch's robes, swishing as I walked. (Witchcraft has always fascinated me, everything from Arthurian legends to Harry Potter to the Salem witch trials) Double, double toil and trouble...

Speaking of witches, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about the latest season of American Horror Story. While I watched the first season, the second spooked me so much I had to stop watching half way through. Any recs on whether the current season is worth a watch/  how scary it is? I should note I am a pretty big wimp when it comes to the horror genre in general. 

Stuart Vevers, I thank thee

I've discussed the sartorial horrors of my middle school days. One of the more tragic aspects was my love of anything Coach monogrammed. So when I personally think Coach, I think of the days when everyone and their mom (literally) were toting around bags plastered with the famous in-your-face c's.

Fast forward to 2014 where Coach has employed a new creative director, Stuart Vevers, who worked in debuting their first ready to wear line. And I'm in love. It's completely different from the bright colors and girly feel of the more recent campaigns, and instead they've veered towards a more rugged, truly "American" feel. According to Vevers, inspiration came from everything from the classic horror film The Shining to a Tennessee work-wear manufacturing factory. His research paid of since he's managed to pinpoint the essence of "Americana," even as an Englishmen. 

My favorite pieces of the collection involved the richest of reds-- found in the striking houndstooth print, as well as in oversized turtlenecks and a fuzzy looking duffle coat. Not to mention there's something to love about a designer interested in creating practical shoes. 

all images from WWD, to see the rest of the collection click here

the new bag

madewell sloane satchel black suede leather
sweater: gap, jeans: genetic denim, shoes: birkenstock, bag: madewell, beanie: american apparel

Honestly, I'm not much of a bag person. Do I day enjoy some occasional designer bag eye candy? Sure, but at the end of the day I don't have any strong desires to get my hands on a vintage Chanel boy bag. Bags serve more of a utilitarian purpose for me. They're meant for carrying my books, laptop, calculator, glasses etc. If I don't need to lug anything with some significant weight around, I prefer stuffing whatever I need into my pockets (unless god forbid, my outfit doesn't have pockets. That's the absolute worst.) 

I haven't bought a bag in well over a year, and I honestly wasn't looking to break that trend anytime soon. Then while shopping at Madewell last weekend, I happened across this bag. Their sale section was killer to begin with, which is saying something since the Madewell sales in LA always suck in comparison to those in Jersey and NYC. But by far the best find of the sale, was this bag. I mean it retails at around $230 + tax, and I purchased at for under $50 with tax. It was a steal. A black, cross-body with pockets galore? Yes, please.

Oh, and if you're like me and like going around sans bag, this iPhone case is pretty much perfect for you. I had one for my 4S and bought one asap when I got my 5S since its a lifesaver, with its pocket where I can pop in a credit card, ID, and some cash.


sweater: h&m, denim: hudson (I went scissor happy on em), shoes: nike, bag: madewell

Over the past few days I've been feeling a bit too lazy to bother thinking about what I'm going to be wearing. Comfy shoes + a loose sweater + skinnies have pretty much been on repeat. It's only Tuesday and I'm already hoping for the week to be over already. At least next week looks more promising, with no exams and warmer weather!

While I would love to say I purchased these sneakers last month as part of an exercise more initiative, that would be a big, fat lie. Unless you count wearing them with work out clothes and walking to Whole Foods to pick up chocolate and yogurt... cause you know, that's walking. Exercise!

As far as incorporating them into more everyday wear, this is as creative as I could be. Which obviously is not creative at all, a pair of jeans and a black top, who woulda thunk? At the same time, it does fit into my easy going aesthetic. 

Dressing up sneakers which aren't converse just wasn't not meant to be for me. I love, love, love street style shots of gals with their new balance and nike sneakers paired with dresses and skirts of all lengths, but it just isn't something I can accomplish and feel comfortable in. So I guess I'm left to admire from afar. 

in the jungle

sweater: h&m, shorts: urban outfitters, shoes: gap, jacket: forever 21

Inundated with months of countless sightings of Céline/ Céline-esque replicas all over the net, I was sold on these gap leopard print slip-ons. I guess my capitulation was inevitable since leopard has maintained its strong presence over the past few years, with everyone squealing about how it's the perfect "neutral." Somehow I got over the memories of an endless string of leopard botching outfits, as well as the bad aftertaste from all the guido, and in my opinion tacky, looks equated to my home state (I blame you, cast of Jersey Shore.)

Introducing the print in the form of an accessory, an accent is perfect for me. Most of my shoes are black, black, some shade of brown, or oh, black. The print adds some sugar and spice (...and everything nice), but it a color palette comfortable enough with someone who prefers all things neutrals. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I may have to join in the "leopard is a neutral" crowd.

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