tank: nordstrom bp, jeans: gap, cardigan: american apparel, shoes: birkenstock, sunglasses: ray-ban

Sooo here is what I wore after venturing out of my apartment after 3 days. Staying true to my word from my last post, I really did wallow up indoors Saturday, Sunday, and the first half of Monday. But hunger is a strong incentive to head out. I swapped soffees for baggy jeans, grabbed a cardigan in case, although who was I kidding it was 80 degrees outside, and slid into some sandals. I have this thing about not wearing flip flops in public, so the birkenstocks have become a comfy and lazy, slip-on, go-to shoe. All topped off with hair that's messy even by my standards.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes :) My cold is almost gone! Hallelujah! 

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