repeat offender

coat + turtleneck + socks: h&m, skirt: mango, shoes: converse

It's the return of the bitch face, in the southern Californian version of an outfit I wore multiple times while in Jersey. Switch the socks to sweater tights, converse to some boots, tack on a beanie, gloves, and an extra cardigan for warmth, and I would totally be ready to face the polar vortex. Or maybe not. 

I was talking to my mom on the phone today, and she was moaning about how it was -5 degrees outside. Apparently being overly dramatic is hereditary cause confirmed it was actually 26 degrees, which of course is still freezing. Literally.  

Irrelevant but how is the first month of 2014 already done?! Oh, how time flies. I'm almost half way to spring break!

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